Back Pain: Difficult to get up and sit, know the causes, symptoms and remedies

Back Pain: Back pain can affect people of any age. Back pain is also one of the major health complications of old age. But today it is affecting the youth more. In fact, common causes of back pain include muscle strain, disc damage, and certain health conditions, such as scoliosis and osteoporosis. Treatment options include hot or cold compresses, acupuncture and medications. Back pain can be caused by injury, activity and certain medical conditions. It can affect people of any age and for various reasons. As the age increases, the lower back pain problem starts increasing. Low back pain can be related to the bony lumbar spine, the discs between the vertebrae, the ligaments surrounding the spine and discs, the spinal cord and nerves, the muscles of the lower back, the abdominal and pelvic internal organs, or the skin around the lumbar area. Upper back pain can be caused by disorders of the aorta, tumors in the chest, or inflammation of the spine.

back pain

The human back consists of a complex structure of muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs and bones that work together to support the body and enable movement. In some cases of back pain, its causes are not clear. This pain is also aggravated by stress, medical conditions or poor posture

  • Common causes of back pain

  • muscle or ligament strain

  • muscle cramp

  • muscle strain

  • damaged disk

  • injury, fracture or fall

  • Anytime we do some such activities due to which there is tension in the muscles like-

  • misplacing something

  • lifting something that is too heavy

  • act suddenly

  • structural problems

There is a vertebral disc in the spine, if the disc bursts, then there will be more pressure on the nerve, which also causes back pain. Apart from this, the bulging disc can also put more pressure on the nerve. The sharp pain of sciatica spreads through the buttock to the back of the leg. This can happen when a bulging or herniated disc puts pressure on the nerve or when a muscle specifically puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. Gout or osteoarthritis can cause problems in the joints of the hips, lower back and other areas of the body. In some cases, there is a narrowing of the space around the spinal cord which is called spinal stenosis. If the spine curves in an abnormal way, back pain can result. Osteoporosis is also a major cause of back pain, in which bones including the spine become brittle and porous, due to which there is a possibility of fracture. Kidney stones or kidney infection can cause back pain. Today many people work on computer only. In such a situation, adopting a slouched posture while using a computer can lead to back and shoulder problems over time, besides driving a vehicle for long periods of time without applying brakes, even staying in such a posture when not slouching. Sleeping on such a mattress which does not support the body or does not keep the spine straight. All these reasons can increase health problems.

Some medical conditions can also cause back pain.

cauda equina syndrome

The cauda equina is a bundle of spinal nerve roots that emerge from the lower end of the spinal cord. Symptoms of this syndrome include mild pain in the lower back and upper buttocks, as well as numbness in the buttocks, genitals and thighs. Sometimes there is a disturbance in the functioning of the bowel and bladder

spinal cord cancer

A tumor on the spinal cord can put pressure on the nerve, resulting in back pain.

pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease and kidney or bladder infections can also cause back pain.

some home remedies

Applying hot compress or ice pack on the painful area can also reduce the pain. Resting from strenuous activity may also help. Some flexibility and strength exercises for the back and abdominal muscles also provide a lot of relief.


Surgery for back pain is done only in very severe condition. If a person has a herniated disc, surgery may be an option. Examples of surgical procedures include.

Fusion A surgeon joins two vertebrae and inserts a bone graft between them. The vertebrae are fused together with metal plates, screws or cages. The risk of later developing arthritis in adjacent vertebrae is much higher.

artificial disc A surgeon inserts an artificial disc that replaces the cushion between two vertebrae.

discectomy If the disc is causing irritation or pressing on a nerve, surgeons may remove a portion of the disc.

Complementary therapies may also be used alone or in conjunction with conventional treatments. Acupuncture can help in relieving back pain and encourage the person to feel relaxed. Yoga includes specific body postures, movements and breathing exercises. Some of these can help in strengthening the back muscles and improving posture, but it must be kept in mind that exercise does not aggravate back pain.

If you see these symptoms, see a doctor soon

sudden weight loss


burning or swelling on the back

persistent back pain

pain under feet

pain that radiates down to the knees

Recent injury, blow or trauma to the back

difficulty passing stools and urinating

numbness around the genitals

What is the risk factor of back pain? ,

business activities


a sedentary lifestyle

not getting enough exercise

older age



vigorous physical exercise done incorrectly

genetic factor

medical conditions, such as arthritis and cancer

Health experts differentiate between two types of back pain, acute and chronic. In this, acute pain starts suddenly and lasts for 6 weeks. Chronic, or long-term, pain develops over a long period of time, lasts longer than 3 months, and causes persistent problems. Lower back pain is more common in women than men. Some hormonal factors also cause back pain. Additionally, health experts associate back pain with stress, anxiety and mood disorders. X-rays, MRI scans or CT scans can give information about the condition of the soft tissues of the back. X-rays may reveal signs of arthritis or broken bones, but they may not reveal damage to the muscles, spinal cord, nerves or discs. MRI or CT scan can reveal herniated disc or problems related to tissue, tendons, nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, muscles and bones. Bone scans can detect bone tumors or compression fractures that result from osteoporosis. In case of more health problems, do visit the doctor and after telling the symptoms, get the treatment done on consultation.

back pain exercises

Taking medicine again and again to get relief from back pain can have a bad effect on your health. You can also do some light exercises to get rid of this pain. Taking care of your back at home is also quite easy. For this, a slight change in your lifestyle is necessary. Physical exercise should include stretching, aerobic activity like walking, swimming. These exercises also strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. Talking about other measures to prevent back pain, it is most important to avoid standing for a long time. Do not wear high heel shoes. Wear shoes that have soft soles. Especially while using the computer, note that the back of your chair should be straight. While sitting, your knees should be above your hips, for this use a stool under your feet. If you have to drive for long distances, you can keep a soft pillow behind your lower back.

yoga for back pain

Yoga has the power to cure many diseases

Yoga has the power to cure many diseases. To overcome the back pain problem, you can make yoga a part of your daily routine. There are many yoga asanas which work very effectively in back pain. Such as Tadasana, Ustrasana, Setubandhasana, Bhujangasana and Dhanurasana. By consulting a yoga trainer and following proper instructions, you can talk about back pain by practicing these yogasanas. Despite all the measures, if the back pain does not leave you, then without any delay, see a doctor.