ChatGPT is coming on your Android phone, launching the app next week, pre-order like this on Google Play Store

ChatGPT App for Android: Tech giant Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence (AI) ie artificial intelligence startup OpenAI will launch ChatGPT App for Android users next week. Open AI revolutionized the tech world by launching ChatGPT in November 2022. The Sam Altman-led company launched its first mobile app for iPhone and iPad users in May and now it’s ChatGPT’s Android app.

OpenAI shared information by tweeting

OpenAI, run by Sam Altman, on Saturday announced that it will launch its popular AI chatbot called ChatGPT for Android users next week. ChatGPT is launching an Android app a few months after the free iOS app brought chatbots to iPhones. The company said in a tweet, Announcing ChatGPT for Android! The app will be available to users next week, and you can pre-order on the Google Go Play Store from today.