Lexus to start used car business in India, EV to be launched by 2025

According to a PTI report, the luxury car brand Lexus It is planning to launch its first electric vehicle in India by 2025. The report, quoting Lexus India President Naveen Soni, claimed that Lexus, known for its self-charging hybrid cars, is preparing to bring its first electric car to India in two years. At present, the automaker is conducting a market survey before launching its electric car in the country.

Lexus started its business in India six years ago

Lexus started its business in India six years ago and it is still unable to make a strong impact in the country’s luxury car segment where German auto majors like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi dominate the sales charts. All three German luxury car brands along with other luxury players have already introduced their EV offerings in India. Keeping an eye on the same, Lexus is also thinking positively about bringing its EV here.

Lexus EV to be launched by 2025

Speaking about the auto company’s electric vehicle strategy, Soni said that Lexus had brought a few vehicles to India in 2022 to test them in diverse climatic conditions as well as get customer feedback. “So we’ve got great insight into the behavior patterns in these markets, like heat conditions, test conditions, desert conditions, all of this goes back to Japan. Hopefully, by 2025 our first EV product will come to this country,” he said.

Lexus to be fully electric worldwide by 2035

The launch of a pure electric car in India by 2025 will be a part of the brand’s strategy to go fully electric globally by 2035. Moreover, being the luxury car arm of Japanese auto major Toyota, Lexus is mandated to play the role of front-runner within the group in electric technology and with India being a key market for the group, this EV will be a flagship product of the automobile giant.

Competing with companies like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW

The automaker is also reportedly gearing up to enter the used car business in India, an area where luxury car makers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW are already present through their dedicated pre-owned car business wing. The Japanese carmaker, which currently sells its product range through 23 touch points across India, aims to convert some of the sales outlets to cater to the pre-owned car vertical as well.

Lexus targets India’s metro cities

Sony said that the company will start the program in select outlets keeping in mind the business viability of the dealer partner. “So I think very soon, by the third quarter or maybe early next year, I should say,” he said. The Lexus official also said that the automaker is studying the market very closely. “For us, the starting point would be the cities where there is a large vehicle park,” he said.

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota.

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Lexus brand is marketed in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide and is one of Japan’s best-selling premium cars. It is ranked among the 10 largest Japanese global brands in terms of market value. Lexus is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. Operational centers are located in Brussels, Belgium and Plano, Texas, United States.

History of Lexus

Lexus originated in a corporate project to develop a new premium sedan, code-named the F1, which began in 1983 and ended in 1989 with the launch of the Lexus LS. Subsequently, sedans, coupes, convertibles and SUVs were added to the division.models. Lexus did not exist as a brand in its home market until 2005, and all vehicles marketed internationally as Lexus from 1989 to 2005 were released in Japan under the Toyota marque and equivalent model names. In 2005, a hybrid version of the RX crossover debuted, and additional hybrid models later joined the division’s lineup. Lexus launched its own F marque performance division in 2007 with the introduction of the IS F sport sedan, followed by the LFA supercar in 2009.