Old Pension Scheme: Will old pension scheme be implemented in Madhya Pradesh? Congress made election issue

Assembly elections are going to be held in Madhya Pradesh this year. Before this, the genie of the old pension scheme has come out. Yes… The employees have been demanding the implementation of this scheme for a long time. Since the old pension scheme has been implemented in the Congress-ruled neighboring states of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Therefore, due to the election year, the Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh is also under pressure to implement this scheme.

Let us tell you that while attacking the ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi claimed that there is a widespread wave of change in the state and people will get five guarantees if the Congress government is formed. Priyanka reiterated the party’s five guarantees for the people of Madhya Pradesh if the Congress comes to power, including the restoration of the old pension scheme (OPS) for government employees.

The Congress, which has lost the government in Madhya Pradesh due to the rebellion of its own MLAs, is trying to woo every section this time. In such a situation, to help such a large working class, the Congress has promised that if it comes to power, it will work to implement the old pension scheme.

what do experts say

According to the experts, if the Madhya Pradesh government implements the old pension scheme, then there will be no financial burden on it for 12 years, not only this, the government will get the benefit of savings of about Rs 344 crore every month under the contributory pension of 3.35 lakh employees of the state, a share of 14%. This is because after January 1, 2005, more than 3.35 lakh employees have come into service in Madhya Pradesh, who are out of the purview of the Pension Rules, 1972. 2.87 lakh teachers, who became teachers in 2008. New Pension Scheme (NPS) is applicable on them. In the state, more number of employees are seen in the new pension scheme than those who are to get the benefit of the old pension. Let us discuss here that about one and a half lakh contract workers are also demanding regularization from the government.

How did the Congress government fall?

It is noteworthy that after the assembly elections held in the year 2018, Kamal Nath was made the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh by the Congress. After the formation of the government, in 2020, Jyotiraditya Scindia rebelled along with several Congress MLAs after displeasure, due to which Kamal Nath’s government fell. After the fall of the Congress government, Shivraj Singh Chouhan was once again sworn in as the CM of the state and till now this government is working.

Congress has not forgotten the memory of the fall of Kamal Nath’s government even today. This is the reason that Priyanka Gandhi in the ‘Jan Aakrosh’ rally recently alleged that the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh was formed through fraud. His reference was to the fall of the Kamal Nath government in March 2020 after Scindia and his loyal MLAs left the Congress. Indirectly attacking Scindia, the Congress leader asked the people to give a strong mandate to the Congress party in the assembly elections to be held later this year so that no one can topple it.

Old pension scheme will be implemented again!

Meanwhile, let us tell you that the old pension scheme can be implemented again in Karnataka. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has indicated in the past that he will discuss in the cabinet meeting to restore the old pension scheme (OPS) for state employees. Apart from this, he will announce the decision in the budget. The Chief Minister’s Office said in a statement that CM Siddaramaiah held talks with a delegation of office bearers of the New Pension Scheme Employees Union who had come to meet him demanding the cancellation of NPS.

Let us tell you that Congress has won the power of Karnataka in this election. Wherever there is Congress government, the old pension scheme is being implemented. Congress is also trying to win the hearts of government employees in Madhya Pradesh on the strength of the old pension scheme. This is the reason why big leaders of the party in Madhya Pradesh are seen discussing about this scheme in every meeting.