Simdega: Ghocho Toli’s team won the football tournament by defeating Noor Sporting 3-0.

Simdega, Ravikant Sahu: The final match of the six-day Triple Khasi Football Tournament was played on Sunday by the Youth Club running in the market church premises under Simdega urban area. The chief guest, Zip member of Pakartad, Zosima Khakha and other guests inaugurated the tournament after getting introduced to the players. During this, the girls of Ghocho Toli entertained the people by presenting grand welcome and other dances. Displaying a brilliant game in the final match, Ghocho Toli’s team won the title by defeating Noor Sporting 3-0.

Kingfisher third and Khizri’s team fourth

Before this, the match was also played for the third and fourth place. In which Kingfisher defeated Khijri 2-1 in a hard-fought match and secured the third position. At the same time, Khizri’s team had to be satisfied with the fourth position. Mahendra Gwala scored two goals for Kingfisher. A large number of people were present to watch the final match.

Ghocho Toli’s team won 3-0

The final match took place between Ghocho Toli and Noor Spotting. In an exciting match, Arpan Topno scored a goal from Ghocho Toli’s team in the first half itself to give his team a 1-0 lead. In the second half, Amit Badaik scored a spectacular field goal while performing brilliantly. At the same time, Arpan Kerketta played an important role in helping the team win 3-0 by scoring a brilliant field goal. Man of the Match Arpan Topno, Player of the Tournament Sagar Bada, Best Goalkeeper award was given to Mo Irfan.

Simdega is moving fast in the field of sports with the efforts of MLA Bhushan Bada: Zosima

On this occasion, the chief guest, Zip member of Pakartand, Zosima Khakha said that the district is moving fast in the field of sports with the efforts of MLA Bhushan Bada. In the coming time, the district will definitely become the leading district of the country in the field of sports. He said that the previous BJP government only did the work of blowing up elephants. But, the Grand Alliance government has made a new sports policy. The sports policy made by the government is dedicated to the players, coaches and trainers of the state. The new sports policy made by the state government is helping the players to move forward in the direction of sports without any hindrance. MLA Bhushan Bada is also working continuously for the development of sports. The MLA has insisted on giving more speed to the stadiums being built in the district.

their presence

Here, the winning team was honored by Pakartand’s JEEP member Zosima Khakha by giving trophy, medal and khasi. And the runner-up Noor Sporting Club was also given a medal, trophy and khasi. Kingfisher, who secured the third position, was also presented with a khasi and trophy. Silbina Lakda, Paris Chairman Rembh Peter Khakha, Sushil Bada, Pawan Lakda, Pracharak Novel Minj, Govinda Mahto, Oliver Alda, John Lakda, Madhukhani Lakda and others were present as special guests on the occasion. Apart from the members of the organizing committee, Arpan Khakha, Prashant Lakda, Rohit Lakda, Vibhav Lakda, Daniel Minj, Sonal Akda, Uttam Lakda, Naveen Minj, Gulshan, Arpan, Ankur, others also made a commendable contribution in making the tournament a success.