The price is not decreasing! Thieves hijacked a Bolero filled with tomatoes worth 2 lakhs, bouncers were deployed here

Tomato prices are still skyrocketing in the country. Although the government has started selling tomatoes at cheap rates in various places, but even after this people are not hesitating at all to steal tomatoes. The latest case is from Bengaluru, Karnataka, where the accused of tomato theft has been arrested by the police. At the same time, three other accused are still absconding whom the police is looking for. In fact, thieves had hijacked a mini truck carrying 2.5 tonnes of tomatoes in Bangalore in the past.

Had a fight with the farmer

In fact, some people of the same family stopped a farmer from Hiriyur on the road in Chikkajala of Chitradurga district and tried to extort money from him by claiming that his truck had hit their car. In this case, the police said that when the victim Mallesh refused to give the money, the couple first assaulted him, then threw him out of the vehicle and fled with 2.5 tonnes of tomatoes worth more than Rs 2.5 lakh.

Police arrested the accused
At the same time, after the incident, the victim Mallesh lodged a complaint with the police, after which the police swung into action and arrested a couple involved in the theft of tomatoes. It is being told that the couple is a resident of Tamil Nadu. The police also said that the couple, residents of Vellore, are members of a gang involved in highway robberies. Police said that on the complaint of the farmer, the RMC yard police traced the gang and arrested the accused Bhaskar and his wife Sindhuja. At the same time, the other three accused in this case are still absconding. Police is trying to arrest the absconding accused.

400 kg tomatoes stolen from farmer in Maharashtra too
Significantly, the incidents of theft of tomatoes have increased a lot in the country. Earlier in Maharashtra’s Pune too, thieves allegedly made away with 400 kg of tomatoes from a farmer. The farmer told the police that he had suffered a loss of about Rs 20,000 due to this theft. The incident is of last Sunday. Complainant farmer Arun Dhome told the police that after plucking tomatoes from the field, he had brought them to his home in Shirur tehsil with the help of laborers. He was planning to sell the tomatoes in the market. Meanwhile in the night someone allegedly made 20 boxes of his tomatoes disappear.

Bouncers were deployed for the safety of tomatoes
Seeing the further increase in the price of tomatoes and the theft and looting of tomatoes in the country, a person had deployed bouncers to monitor tomatoes. The case is of UP, where a Samajwadi Party (SP) worker had allegedly deployed bouncers to guard his vegetable shop to monitor tomatoes. The SP worker had deployed two bouncers to prevent the buyers from getting aggressive while bargaining. Let me tell you, amidst the rising prices of tomatoes, the SP worker had also cut a tomato-shaped cake on the birthday of his party president Akhilesh Yadav. Fauji said, due to the high prices of tomatoes, there were reports of heated exchanges between people while buying it. People who came to our shop also tried to do the same. When I realized enough was enough, I decided to deploy bouncers at my shop.

Government is selling cheap tomatoes
Here, amidst the rising prices of tomatoes, cheap tomatoes are being sold by the government. On behalf of the government e-commerce platform ONDC, tomatoes are being sold at affordable prices to the people of the capital Delhi since July 22. Tomatoes are being sold on this portal only at Rs 70 per kg. Apart from this, since July 14, the central government is selling cheap tomatoes through mobile vans at different places in the country. Tomatoes are being sold cheaply through mobile vans by National Consumer Cooperative Federation of India Limited and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited.

Tomato prices expected to fall: Govt
At the same time, the government has expressed hope that the prices of tomatoes will come down in the coming times. The government said retail prices of tomatoes are expected to decline with higher supplies of the new crop from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Retail prices of tomatoes have shot up to Rs 200-250 per kg in many parts of the country due to supply chain disruptions due to monsoon rains and other reasons. Tell me, to reduce the prices of tomatoes, the government is selling tomatoes at an affordable rate.

Tomato price increased due to rain
The reason for which the price of tomatoes has skyrocketed in the last few days in different regions of the country is the rain. In fact, due to continuous rains in many areas, the supply of tomatoes has been adversely affected. Due to this, the prices of vegetables have increased rapidly. In some parts of the country including Delhi, the retail prices of tomato had reached up to Rs 200 per kg, at some places its price had reached up to Rs 350. Traders said that due to water-logging due to heavy rains in the growing areas, the tomato crop has suffered a lot. Vegetables like onion and ginger grown under the ground have also come under the grip of bad weather.

Prices of most vegetables increase during the monsoon season
Significantly, in the monsoon, the price of vegetables increases in the same way. This time, due to heavy rains in many states, the prices of tomatoes have skyrocketed. Ashok Kaushik, a member of Delhi’s Azadpur vegetable market and president of Azadpur Tomato Association, had said about the expensive tomatoes that the supply of tomatoes in Delhi has been interrupted due to heavy rains, due to which the prices of tomatoes have increased. He said that every year the prices of most vegetables increase during the monsoon season as some crops get damaged due to water-logging. Along with this, there is also the problem of transportation.

Tomato made a millionaire
On the one hand, the increased price of tomato has made tomato disappear from the plates of common people and on the other hand, the faces of its sellers have turned red. In many states including Delhi, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, the price of tomato had crossed Rs 250. Due to this jump in the prices of tomatoes, many farmers have won the lottery. Tomato crop has made a farmer of Himachal’s Mandi district a millionaire. According to media reports, Jairam, a farmer from Mandi, has earned Rs 1 crore 10 lakh from tomatoes. He told that he has been cultivating tomatoes for more than 50 years.

Pune farmer earns Rs 3 crore
Here, for a farmer from Pune, Maharashtra, tomato cultivation proved no less than a bumper lottery. For a farmer named Gaikar, this year tomato cultivation has proved to be a profitable deal. Surpassing all the challenges, this Pune farmer has earned three crore rupees by selling tomato crop in the last one month. Gaikar said that he has sold 18,000 crates of tomatoes at Narayangaon in Junnar tehsil to the Agricultural Produce Market Committee for Rs 3 crore, earning him more than Rs 3 crore.
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At what rate tomato is being sold in different cities

Amid rising tomato prices in the country, the government has announced to sell tomatoes at the rate of Rs 70 per kg from July 22 under subsidy. Giving this information, ONDC’s Managing Director T Koshy said that this sale on behalf of the government will be done through ONDC in the national capital of the country, Delhi. Significantly, even now the prices of tomatoes are touching the sky in many cities. According to a report by the Department of Consumer Affairs, tomato costs Rs 140 in Patna, while it costs Rs 107 in Noida. At the same time, the price of tomato in Kanpur is Rs 120 per kg, while in Varanasi it is being sold at the rate of Rs 145 per kg.