Another case like Seema Haider, India’s Anju reached Pakistan to meet her lover, love was inspired by Facebook

“She had left the house saying that she has to go to Jaipur to meet her friend. When I spoke to her on WhatsApp a few days back, I came to know that she is in Lahore”.

Actually Anju has reached Pakistan from India without telling anyone except her husband and child. Married and mother of one child, Anju is currently in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Police say that Anju has gone to meet her Pakistani friend Nasrullah. The story of Seema Haider who came to India from Pakistan and Anju who went to Pakistan from India is not much different from each other. Seema Haider fell in love while playing PUBG and came to India from Pakistan, Anju befriended Nasrullah on Facebook, and when love blossomed, she reached Pakistan to meet her lover.

Anju had left home to visit Jaipur
Anju’s husband Arvind says that he is not aware of how his wife Anju reached Pakistan. Arvind told that Anju had left the house saying that she would visit Jaipur. It was also said that he would come back in a few days. Arvind also said that he was constantly in touch with Anju through WhatsApp calls. He said that on Sunday, when talking through WhatsApp calling, Anju told that she has reached Pakistan, currently she is in Lahore. Arvind told that Anju had said that she would come back in three to four days. According to the report of ARY News, Anju’s friend Nasrulla works in the medical sector. He and Manju have become friends on Facebook some time back.

Anju has reached Pakistan after document verification
According to a report in ARY News, Nasrullah and Anju had become friends on social media Facebook a few months back. According to the news, Anju is on a trip to Pakistan for a month, but she has not come here to marry Nasrullah. According to this, the Indian woman was initially in the custody of the Pakistani police but was released after the district police verified her travel documents. According to information received from a source to PTI, after all the travel documents were found correct, he got permission to go to Pakistan. He was provided with security to ensure that no untoward incident took place which would bring bad name to the country. An official from the Deer police station said that Anju and her friend were released after the documents were approved by senior police officer Mushtaq Khab and the scouts major.

Rajasthan police interrogated Anju’s husband
After getting information about Anju’s arrival in Pakistan, a team of Rajasthan Police also went to inquire at Anju’s house in Bhiwadi. Where Anju’s husband told the police that Anju had left the house last Thursday on the pretext of going to Jaipur but later the family came to know that she was in Pakistan. Arvind has also told the police that she had left the house saying that she was going to Jaipur to meet her friend. He said that I talked to him a few days ago on WhatsApp calling and then came to know that he is in Lahore. Anju’s husband told that they were married in 2007 and since then they are living together. Arvind also said that Anju had taken her passport with her. However, after getting the information, Arvind’s family has not lodged any complaint.

Anju is the mother of two children
Police said that the couple work in a private firm in Bhiwadi and have a 15-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son. Here Anju’s husband Arvind says that he will talk to his wife and ask her to return soon. Arvind said that he hoped that she would return home. Arvind said that she had got her passport made in 2020 as she wanted to apply for a job abroad. Arvind said that he had no idea that she was in contact with someone on social media. Anju is originally from Uttar Pradesh. He was born in Kailor village of Bundelkhand.

Seema Haider has recently come to India from Pakistan.
Significantly, earlier on May 13, Pakistani citizen Seema Haider entered India illegally along with her four children in a bus via Nepal. She told that she had come to live with Sachin, who lives in Rabupura area of ​​Greater Noida. On July 4, local police arrested Seema for illegally entering India and Meena for harboring illegal immigrants. However, both of them were granted bail by a local court on July 7 and are living in a house in Rabupura along with their four children. Here, investigation is being done regarding Seema Haider, while Seema Haider has given a petition to the President of India that she should be allowed to stay in India.

Woman came from Poland to Jharkhand to meet her lover  
Here, a woman from Poland crossed seven seas for the sake of her love and reached Jharkhand to meet her lover Sadab Mallick. Sadab, who lives in Khutra village in Katkamsandi block of Hazaribagh district, befriended Barbara Polja of Poland in the year 2021 on Instagram. There was constant chatting between the two and gradually friendship turned into love. The love of 45-year-old Barbara and 35-year-old Sadab was so strong that she applied for a visa to visit India. After a long process, he got a visa to visit India for five years. The foreign woman reached India after getting the visa. After which she came to Hazaribagh with Sadab. After staying in the hotel for several days, five days back she reached Khutra village with her lover. Presently Barbara is living with Sadab in his house.

Barbara wants to take Sadab to Poland
He also has a six-year-old daughter with a foreign girlfriend. Foreign girlfriend speaks police language and talks in English. Sadab translates it and tells it. Here, talking to the media, Gulab Barbara said that Saddam is my friend and I love him from the bottom of my heart. He has his own house in Poland. The car bungalow also does a job along with it. She is trying to get Saadab a visa for Poland and take him to Poland so that he can lead a better life.
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