FIFA Women’s World Cup: Germany and Brazil scored quick goals, Italy did a big upset by defeating Argentina

Italy vs Germany

The excitement of the FIFA Women’s World Cup continues. Three matches were played in the Women’s Football World Cup on Monday. Italy faced Argentina in the first match, Germany faced Morocco in the second match and Brazil and Panama in the last match. In these three matches, two matches were completely one-sided in which Germany and Brazil won, although there was a close fight between Italy and Argentina, but in the end Italy won 1-0.

Italy vs Argentina

The first match was played between Italy and Argentina on Monday. This match between the two teams was quite thorny. There was a lot of struggle for the goal in this match between the two. In this match of Italy and Argentina, both showed amazing defense. Alam was that not even a single goal could be scored till the 80th minute of the match.

Christiana Grilli

Italy got a sigh of relief in this match in the 87th minute of the match when the team’s star player Christiana Grilli scored the first goal for the team. This goal, which happened at the last moment of the match, became the winning goal for Italy. Actually, Argentina could not score a single goal in this match and lost the match 1-0.

Germany team after victory

On Monday, the second match was played between Germany and Morocco. In this match, Germany’s team was seen to dominate from the beginning. Germany had scored 2 goals till the 39th minute of the start of the match.

Germany vs Morocco

Germany’s scoring spree did not stop here. The team then scored goals in the 46th, 54th, 79th and 90th minutes. Alexandra Pop scored two goals in the 11th minute and 39th minute for Germany. In this match, Germany’s defense performed amazingly and did not allow Morocco to score a single goal.

Brazilian player happy after the goal

The last match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup was played between Brazil and Panama on Monday. In this match, Brazil, which is considered to be the contender to win the tournament, performed amazingly and won the first victory of the tournament by defeating Panama 4-0.

brazilian team

In this match for Brazil, Ari Borges showed a wonderful game and scored a hat-trick of goals. Borgs scored in the 19th, 39th and 70th minutes of the match. Apart from Borgs, a goal for Brazil was scored by Bretiz Gennaroto in the 48th minute. In this match, Panama’s team looked weak from the beginning and could not score a single goal in front of Brazil.