Income Tax payment feature came on PhonePe, deposit income tax through the app

how to pay income tax on phonepe new feature PhonePe, one of India’s most popular digital payment apps, has been making headlines in recent times for constantly offering new features. In this series, now the company has also launched the facility of income tax payment on its app. Digital payments and financial technology platform PhonePe has introduced the facility to pay income tax through its app. PhonePe has issued a statement on Monday saying that individual income tax payers and businessmen can pay tax and advance tax after self-assessment through UPI or credit card. A feature has been added about this on the app.

Apart from bill payments, UPI transactions, mobile recharge, etc., now with the PhonPe app, you will also be able to pay your income tax with a single click. This new feature on the app can be used by both individual users or businesses. The income tax payer will not need to connect to the income tax portal for payment of advance tax. This amount will be put on the tax portal in two working days. The company said in a statement that income tax payers can pay tax by logging into the app and choosing the portion of income tax. For this, they have to give details of tax type, assessment year, Permanent Account Number (PAN). Taxpayer will get Unique Transaction Number i.e. UTR within one day of payment of tax. Payment challan will be available in two working days.

Under the PhonePe Income Tax payment feature, any tax paying user or business can deposit advance tax directly by assessing the tax on the app itself. The company claims that after this feature, users will no longer need to log in to the tax portal. Niharika Segal, Head – Bill Payments and Recharge Business, PhonePe, said, “Paying taxes has always been a complicated process. PhonePe is now providing its users with a seamless way to meet their tax obligations. PhonePe has partnered with PayMate, a digital B2B payment service provider, for this feature. Apparently the company has introduced this facility with the aim of making a big task easier for taxpayers users. For this feature, PhonePe has partnered with PayMate, a business-to-business digital payments service provider. (courtesy of input language)