Indian women’s softball team will shine in Asian Games, know what are the rules of the game and how to play?

Indian Women Softball Team To Debut In Asian Games 2023: Asian Games 2023 starting on September 23 in Hangzhou, China softball will debut The Softball Association of India (SBAI) on Monday announced a 16-member Indian women’s team announced, which will make its debut at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. SBAI said that the team consisting of one standby and three reserves was selected after trials from a list of probables. A two-week coaching cum trial camp was organized in Delhi in June-July.

Indian women’s softball team will participate in Asian Games

In view of the consistent participation of the Indian women’s team in the Asian Championship, Softball Asia gave them a wild card entry. This was approved by the Executive Committee of Softball Asia in February. SBAI President Neetal Narang said, “The participation of the Indian women’s softball team in the Asian Games will give our players an opportunity to prove themselves against the best teams from the subcontinent. This will also increase the popularity of the game.

Indian team: Aishwarya Ramesh Puri, Aishwarya Sunil Bodke, Monali Mansingh Natu, Swapnil C Venade, Sai Anil Joshi, Anjali Pallikkara, Steffy Saji, Rinta Cherian, Mamtaji, Ganga Sona, Mamta Minhas, Sandeep Kaur, Kumari Manisha, Isha, Swetasini Sabar, Nitya Malvi, Priyanka Baghel (Standby)

reserve : Manisha Kumari, Preeti Verma, Chitra.

What is softball?

Softball is an exciting and popular sport played all over the world. It is a team sport played with a bat and ball, in which two teams compete against each other. In this game, like cricket, players get a chance to score runs and dismiss the players of the other team. To play softball, a small field, a ball and a bat are required. The ball is a small and soft golden colored ball, which is used by players to try and get the other team’s fielders out by hitting them with the bat. In this game, there are 9 players in each team, who are made to play different roles.

softball rules

The rules and regulations of softball may vary slightly according to different countries and associations, but mainly it is played between two teams. Generally, there are four bases for the players to score runs, by completing which the players score runs and at the end the team with the most runs is declared the winner.

Playing softball increases physical activity and coordination. For this, experienced sports players need patience, technique, and the right strategy. The game is a great medium for socializing, teamwork, and camaraderie and is played at schools, colleges, clubs, and other community levels. Playing softball develops discipline, volunteerism, and ethics in people and improves both health and morale.

types of softball

There are many types of softball and they are played with different arrangements and rules. Mainly it can be divided into two types – Golden Ball Softball and Team Ball Softball.

  • Golden Ball Softball: Golden ball softball is a well known and popular type of softball. In this game, only a golden ball or soft ball is used, which is tried to get the fielders of the other team out by hitting the players with the bat. In this type of softball there are nine players in a team.

  • Team Ball Softball: Team ball softball is another major type of softball, played between two teams. In this, a batman scores runs by hitting the ball with a bat, and leaks it when he is out. In team ball softball, each team is allowed to have as many players as they want.

history of softball

There are many theories about the origin of softball. It was developed in 1887 by Gyrator Amy George of the United States, who was also assisted by Ford George. Earlier it was known as Indoor Baseball. Later, in 1926, it became known as softball, and the name continues to evolve today.