isro pslv c56 will leave for space with six satellites on 30 july chandrayaan 3 mission prt

India will match America, Russia and China
Let us tell you, on July 14, India successfully launched its third moon mission i.e. Chandrayaan-3 through LVM3-M4 rocket. In its journey of 41 days, Chandrayaan-3 will once again attempt a soft landing on the south pole region of the moon. Let us tell you that till now no country has made a soft landing on the South Pole. So far, America, former Soviet Union and China have done soft landing on the surface of the moon. But, his soft landing could not be done on the south pole region of the moon. On the other hand, if the Rs 600-crore Chandrayaan-3 mission of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) succeeds in landing the lander in the space agency’s second attempt in four years, India will become the fourth country after the US, China and the former Soviet Union to achieve success in the technology of soft-landing on the lunar surface.