Sudan Plane Crash: Plane crash in Sudan, 9 people including 4 military personnel died

Sudan Plane Crash: There has been a major accident at Port Sudan airport. A plane crashed at the airport on Sunday. 9 people including 4 military personnel have died due to the crash of a civilian aircraft. The Sudanese army gave this information while issuing a statement. The army told that a girl has also died in the accident. According to the information, Antonov was flying before the plane crash, but in the meantime there was a fault in the plane and the plane fell victim to the accident. Significantly, since April 15, a fierce war is going on in Sudan between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. Hundred days of the war have been completed, but till now it does not seem to be stopping from anywhere.

6 people died in a plane crash in America
Earlier, due to fog at the Southern California airport in the US, a small plane crashed while landing, killing all six people on board. The Federal Aviation Authority reported that the Cessna C550 crashed on July 9 in Murriet, 130 km southeast of Los Angeles. Let me tell you, after the accident, the plane fell in a field and then the plane caught fire. The fire was controlled after a lot of effort, but 6 people on board the plane could not be saved in the accident. All the people on board the plane had died on the spot. Significantly, due to bad weather, the aircraft tried to land twice, but the aircraft fell victim to an accident during the second landing.

Talking about plane accidents, a horrific plane crash took place in Tanzania in the month of November last year. A small passenger plane going towards the airport in Tanzania had become a victim of the accident. After crashing, the plane fell directly into Lake Victoria. The death toll in this accident was 19. Let me tell you, the domestic plane of Precision Airlines was going to land in Bukoba, at the same time the pilot lost control of the plane. After this the plane crashed and went into the lake, in which 19 people died. There were 43 passengers in this aircraft. As soon as the information about the accident was received, the rescue team started working in a hurry. The lives of 26 of the passengers were saved. Now the latest case has come in Sudan where 6 people have died in a plane crash.

Sudan is burning in the battle of supremacy
Significantly, violence has been going on in Sudan for the last 100 days. The whole of Sudan is burning in the battle of supremacy between the two generals. Many people have lost their lives in the violence. Anarchy is spread all over the country. There is an atmosphere of loot everywhere. In fact, after the coup of 2021, there is a battle of supremacy between the two generals who took over the power of Sudan. In Sudan, army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his deputy, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo. Daglo is the head of Sudan’s powerful paramilitary force Rapid Support Forces ie RSF. The whole of Sudan is bleeding in the fight that broke out between these two.

Let me tell you, on April 15, a war broke out between Sudan’s army and paramilitary forces, which started a civil war in the country. The entire Sudan is going through a period of chaos due to the bloody war for power between the Sudanese army led by General Abdul-Fattah Burhan and the paramilitary Rapid Support Force led by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo. At the same time, the bloody struggle that has been going on for 100 days has dashed the hopes of Sudan becoming a democratic country. Many countries of the world and the UN have appealed for peace to both the generals, but the civil war is not taking its name to stop. The ongoing conflict in the densely populated area of ​​Khartoum and other Sudanese cities has been accompanied by airstrikes from the sky as well as tank attacks on the streets and heavy weapons fire.

Many Indians were trapped in the middle of the war
The Government of India has evacuated its citizens from Sudan burning in the fire of civil war. People who returned to India from Sudan told that the condition of the country has turned from bad to worse due to the war. There is an atmosphere of loot and snatching everywhere. On seeing non-Sudanese people, the local people are resorting to looting. The situation in the country has become unstable due to the war between the army and the paramilitary in Sudan. There is no such thing as law and order in the country. More than 1100 people are feared dead in the civil war that broke out in Sudan.