The curtain will rise from Skoda’s new generation car Superb in November, know full details here

Skoda Superb Car Launching: Skoda’s new generation car Skoda Superb is ready to be launched in India. Czech Republic’s car manufacturer Skoda has announced that it will unveil the new generation Superb in November 2023. 90 years have been completed since the first model of this model was launched at the global level. Skoda has also given in-depth details about the new generation Superb’s interior features, technical specifications and engine options.

Skoda Superb Engine Options

Now if we talk about the engine option in Skoda Superb, then three options have been included in it from the side of the company. The Skoda Superb is likely to be offered with turbo-petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid powertrains. The hybrid will get a six-speed DSG while the rest will be offered with a 7-speed unit.

Turbo-Petrol Engine-I

  • Engine: 1.5-litre turbo-petrol mild-hybrid

  • Power (PS) : 150PS

  • Drivetrain: Front wheel drive

  • Transmission: 7-Speed ​​DSG

Turbo-Petrol Engine-II

  • Engine: 2-litre turbo-petrol

  • Power (PS) : 204PS/265PS

  • Drivetrain: Front-wheel drive/All-wheel drive

  • Transmission: 7-Speed ​​DSG

diesel engine

  • Engine: 2-litre diesel

  • Power (PS) : 150PS / 193PS

  • Drivetrain: Front-wheel drive/All-wheel drive

  • Transmission: 7-Speed ​​DSG

Turbo-Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Engine

  • Engine: 1.5-litre turbo-petrol plug-in hybrid

  • Power (PS) : 204PS

  • Drivetrain: Front wheel drive

  • Transmission: 6-Speed ​​DSG

power and wheels

In addition to this, the Skoda Superb Plug-in Hybrid will also feature a 25.7kWh battery pack and can help it run over 100km on electric power alone. The Superb in India came with a 2-litre turbo-petrol engine with front-wheel drive and the new generation model is likely to get the same. It has been said on behalf of the company, we will not discount even the plug-in hybrid model being offered here.

Style and Dimensions

As before, in 2024, the Skoda Superb will continue to be offered in estate and sedan models. If Skoda decides to launch it in India, it will come here only as a sedan model. Although the wheelbase of the Superb has been changed, it has now increased in length and height. It has been said by the company that it is slightly smaller than before.

Superb Sedan Dimensions

  • Length (mm) : 4912mm (+43mm)

  • Width (mm) : 1849mm (-15mm)

  • Height (mm) : 1481mm (+12mm)

  • Wheelbase (mm) : 2841 mm

Dimensions of Superb Estate

  • Length (mm) :4902mm (+40mm)

  • Width (mm) : 1849mm (-15mm)

  • Height (mm) : 1482mm (+5mm)

  • Wheelbase (mm) : 2841 mm

Skoda Superb Interior & Features

Skoda is yet to reveal the interiors of the Superb, but it is expected to get a 12.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It can be offered with a mix of physical and touch based mix controlling for ease of operation. Also, the gear lever will now be integrated with the steering column. It is also expected that the design and orientation of the dashboard will be almost similar to the 2024 Kodiaq, whose cabin can be seen in the spy shots. Skoda is known for its little ‘Simply Clever’ bits that go a long way in adding convenience. Lots of such bytes can be seen in the Superb. Some of these include an electronically controlled load cover in the estate and a tablet holder on the rear center armrest.

Skoda will launch four cars in 2024

Currently, the sale of three models of Skoda is going on in India. These include one sedan and two SUVs. Apart from this, in the year 2024, four Skoda cars will be launched in India. These include Skoda Octavia RS IV, Skoda Enyaq IV, Skoda Kodiaq 2024, Skoda Superb 2024 etc.

Skoda Car Prices in India

Skoda cars price in India starts from Rs. 11.39 Lakh to Rs. 41.39 Lakh. The latest model of Skoda is Kushaq, with prices ranging from Rs 11.59 Lakh to Rs 19.69 Lakh. Skoda cars under 50 lakh in India include the Slavia, Kushaq and Kodiaq.

Is Skoda India’s car maker?

Skoda, one of the car manufacturers, is mainly an automobile company of the Czech Republic. In the year 1991, it became a part of Volkswagen Group. After this, in the year 2009, the sales of its cars increased to 6,84,226 units. Actually, in the year 1859, Škoda Works was established as an Ordnance Manufacturer Company. The Skoda that the whole world knows today as a car manufacturer, was developed in the year 1980s.