What is emotional hijacking, know its symptoms and ways to avoid it

Emotional hijacking is a mental condition that takes a person away from their feelings, thoughts, and experiences of spiritual health. Individuals in this stage lose their independence and control over themselves and have problems understanding and handling their emotions. A person suffering from emotional hijacking may face conflicts in their life, confusion in relationships, and lack of self-confidence. During emotional hijacking, the person’s ability to understand and compare their emotional response with their social and adequate responses is diminished. Due to this, a person can lose his satisfaction, sensitivity and understanding, which can affect his personal and social life.

Symptoms of Emotional Hijacking

Extreme surge of emotions: One of the first signs of emotional hijacking is when we feel a surge of extreme emotions that we do not know how to control.

Lack of self review: Individuals become unable to review their own feelings and thoughts. They may have difficulty understanding their inner sadness, conflict, or uncomfortable feelings.

Imbalance: There is an imbalance in the mind of the person affected by emotional hijacking. They struggle with their feelings and may be unable to extract their true feelings.

Exaggeration or Pride: Individuals under the influence of emotional hijacking can become excessive or arrogant of their feelings. They can use the feelings of others for their self-interest.

Using the Emotions of Others: Individuals affected by emotional hijacking may use the feelings of others for their own pride and self-esteem. They can use the feelings of others for their selfishness.

Lack of sentimentality and enthusiasm: There can be a lack of sentimentality and enthusiasm in the mind of the person affected by emotional hijacking. They may lose interest in life and may not show enthusiasm in their works.

Disorganization of Emotions: In emotional hijacking, the person becomes unable to handle their emotions and finds it difficult to understand and express them. Their emotions become unstable and they may have difficulty in understanding and dealing with others due to their change of mind from stability.

Anger Hijacking: In this, the person is unable to handle his/her anger and may suddenly show unusual behavior like shouting at high pitch, vandalism or violence.

types of emotional hijacking

pride-abduction: In this, a person uses the feelings of others for his selfishness because of his pride. On the strength of their pride, they try to use others in the way they want, and to fulfill their self-interest, they have to be associated with the society around them.

Captive Abduction: In this, the person shows compatibility with other people due to his subordination and takes advantage for himself. They are ready to be engaged in the service of others and do not move away from their control for their selfishness.

How to avoid emotional hijacking

By adopting some of the measures given, a person can keep his emotional health safe and avoid emotional hijacking. It can help reduce mental issues and increase positivity in relationships

Self sensitivity: To avoid emotional hijacking, one must develop the ability to understand one’s own emotions. They should understand the feelings of their mind and be active to express them.

Time Management: Managing time properly can help avoid emotional hijacking. One should set time for his goals and express them from time to time.

Positivity in Relationships: Positive relationships help in improving the emotional health of a person. One should treat others with respect and in a positive manner.

Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy diet, regular exercise, meditation and sleep can help in avoiding emotional hijacking. One should also be interested in activities that increase attention and intelligence.

Sympathy and Harmony: One should show sympathy in the happiness and sorrow of others and should treat them harmoniously.

More Sensitivity: One should try to become more sensitive. They understand the feelings of the people around them and show sensitivity with them.

Regular Community Support: Emotional hijacking can be avoided through harmony and cooperation in the society. One should participate in community activities and seek support from the community to understand and support their relationships.