Country getting confused on Seema Haider, Anju reached Pakistan… lover Nasrullah said this on the question of marriage

When the eyes of the whole country were fixed on Seema Haider who had come from Pakistan, at that time Anju of Rajasthan was preparing to go to Pakistan… and she reached Pakistan hiding from her family to meet her friend and lover. This information was received when Anju told her husband through WhatsApp calling that she was in Pakistan. In this case, Anju’s husband Arvind told that Anju had talked about going to Jaipur, but how she reached Pakistan is not known. Let me tell you, Anju and Arvind were married in 2027. He also has two children. On the other hand, when Anju will return to India, Anju’s friend Nasrullah says that she will return to her country India after the visa expires on 20 August.

Anju has gone to Pakistan with a visa
Please tell, Anju is originally from UP. He was born in Kailor village of Uttar Pradesh. Now she is living in Alwar district of Rajasthan. At present, she has reached Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan to meet her Facebook friend Nasrullah. Here, Anju released a video on Monday and said that she is fine in Pakistan and will return to India soon. Anju also said that she has come to Pakistan with a valid visa. Anju has appealed to the media that my child and family should not be harassed.

Anju-Nasrullah will return on August 20
Here, Anju’s lover and friend Nasrullah says that Anju has come to Pakistan with a legal visa. He also said that after the expiry of Anju’s visa i.e. on August 20, she will come to India from Pakistan. Along with this, Nasrullah also rejected the claims of having a love affair with Anju and said that he has no intention of marrying Anju. Let me tell you, Anju and Nasrullah befriended in 2019 through Facebook. At the same time, according to the official document sent by Pakistan’s Interior Ministry to the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi, it has been decided to grant Anju a 30-day visa only for Upper Dir district.

who is nasrullah
Let me tell you, Nasrullah is a science graduate from Sheringal-based University and is the youngest of five brothers. He said in an affidavit to the local authorities that there is no love angle in their friendship and Anju will return to India on August 20. According to the affidavit, she will not even go outside the Upper Dir district. District Police Officer Mushtaq Khan says in this matter that according to the visa documents, she will return on August 20. Mushtaq interrogated Anju in his office on Sunday and on the basis of checking her documents, a no objection certificate was issued. Nasrullah has denied having an angle of love in friendship with Anju but police officer Khan says that she has come to Pakistan because of love. Nasrullah said that the district administration has provided adequate security to them and Anju is safe with her family.

Anju reached India safely – Pakistani community
Regarding Anju’s return to India, the people of the Pashtun-dominated village say that they want Anju to return to India safely because they do not want their community to be defamed by this incident. Anju’s husband Arvind living in Rajasthan has expressed hope that his wife will return soon. Here, in the case of Anju going to Pakistan, her husband Arvind said that his wife had left the house on Thursday saying that she was going to Jaipur, but later the family came to know that she was in Pakistan. On the other hand, the police say that Anju’s family has not lodged an FIR after getting information about her being in Pakistan.

Seema Haider has come to India from Pakistan
Significantly, a case similar to Anju’s has come up in India before when a Pakistani woman named Seema Haider came to India illegally with her four children. The mother of four and a Pakistani national, Seema came to India via Nepal to live with Sachin Meena. Seema befriended Meena in 2019 through PUBG. According to the Uttar Pradesh Police, 30-year-old Seema is living with 22-year-old Sachin Meena in Rabupura area of ​​Greater Noida, near Delhi, where Sachin works at a grocery shop.
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