Do not heat these things in the oven even by mistake, otherwise it will happen

It is a common practice to reheat leftover food to avoid food wastage and enjoy serving your favorite food again. Oven is a popular option for reheating food. But, the thing to note is that some food items should not be heated in the oven. By doing this, the nutrition of that food ends, as well as, it can also cause health risks. In such a situation, today we will tell you which food items should not be cooked in the oven. Let’s know about them.

French fries and other fried foods

If we reheat french fries and other fried foods in the microwave, they lose their crispness and become puffed up. Reheating loses its crispness, which is the basic taste of fried food. That’s why reheating these foods should be avoided.

This will happen by heating the meat in the oven.

Most of the people like to eat hot meat. They eat the meat after reheating it in the microwave, but reheating the meat in the microwave loses its taste. In such a situation, grilling or pan frying can be a better option for you to eat delicious meat.

don’t put eggs in the microwave

It is not advisable to heat egg curry or egg dishes in the microwave. Instead of heating it, eat it cold or it can be better to eat it immediately after cooking. Apart from this, eggs should also not be kept in the microwave. The egg may explode inside the microwave due to the heat.

Avoid heating fish or seafood

Food such as fish and seafood should never be heated in a microwave. By doing this, the nutrients and proteins present in it can be destroyed. Also, reheating them in the microwave doesn’t make them taste as fresh.

Do not heat leafy vegetables

Nitrates are found in spinach, lettuce and other leafy vegetables. When reheated in the oven, nitrates can be converted to harmful nitrites, which are potentially carcinogenic.

avoid heating the rice

According to the Food Standards Agency, rice should not be heated in the oven. This can lead to the risk of food poisoning. In fact, according to a study, when rice is taken out from the microwave and kept in normal room temperature. So the spores produced in it increase their number, which is the cause of food poisoning.

Milk and milk products:Milk or milk products should not be reheated in the microwave. By doing this, milk can become delicate like curd and vaporization can take place. Reheating milk in the oven destroys the nutrients like proteins present in it.

Avoid reheating pizza in the oven

Many times you order pizza at home and eat it or order more pizza many times in the party and if it is saved, then you keep it in the fridge and eat it easily in the morning by heating it in the oven. Keeping it in the fridge makes its pizza base hard. Eating frozen cheese and sauce after heating it will give a different taste, as well as gas, indigestion can also occur.

Keep these things in mind while heating food in the oven

  • You can use the microwave to heat food. But you should avoid cooking in it. Also avoid heating the food for a long time.

  • Minimize the use of microwave for cooking or don’t do it at all. Because it takes away the nutrition from the food and changes its taste to some extent.

  • When you are heating food in the microwave, always keep a distance of 2 feet from it.

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