Elvish Yadav spoke heart to Manisha Rani, Babika pushed Bihar’s daughter, 5 highlights of Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates: Bigg Boss OTT 2 is running in its 5th week. There are only three weeks left in its finale. Falak Naaz has been eliminated recently. Recently there was a nomination task in the house. In which Captain Pooja Bhatt saved Abhishek Malhan by giving him a green apple. After which all the family members together nominated Manisha Rani and Ashika Bhatia. After which users started a war on Twitter. Everyone started telling the makers of Bigg Boss wrong and said that they along with Pooja have deliberately targeted Manisha. They do not want the common man to move ahead in the game and win. However, later Manisha also became very emotional and late night she spoke heart to Abhishek and Elvish.

Manisha Rani and Aashika Bhatia nominated

Bigg Boss OTT 2 is constantly making headlines for its twists and turns. The grand finale of the show is after two weeks. After which everyone will get the winner of this season. In the past, there was a lot of uproar in the house. Where the nomination task took place, in which the makers gave a lot of power to Pooja Bhatt. Pooja saved Abhishek Malhan from nomination. Later, everyone nominates Manisha Rani and Aashika Bhatia. This is the first time that only two contestants have been nominated. Manisha shows her disappointment saying, ‘I play with my heart, if I wanted, I could have nominated JD, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to.’

Manisha Rani said to Abhishek – I love you

After the nomination task, Manisha Rani went to everyone one by one and cleared her part. She first told JD Hadid that she really believes in her, she is not fake, later Late Night FAME group sat together and then Manisha said that my journey in this house has been very good. Abhishek, you have always supported me and whenever someone pointed a finger at me, you fought for me without thinking anything. We will keep relations outside the house as well and will always support each other. I love you… Abhishek for always being there.

Fierce fight between Abhishek and Elvis

Fans like the brotherhood of Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav. Both are often seen having fun with each other. Abhi also called Elvish as his brother. Also promised to keep with him till the last. Although in the live feed we saw a fierce fight between the two. Abhishek says that Manisha and Aashika are nominated, if both are gone, then with whom will I fight. Sit quietly and be silent. Otherwise I will not leave. After which Abhishek says that don’t do much nonsense, otherwise I will see you too… If I have come first, then I am becoming faster.

Manisha Rani wept bitterly on Bebika’s bad behavior

In the 38th episode of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, a huge argument broke out between Manisha Rani and Babika Dhurve during a team task. The housemates were divided into two groups, Devil Team (with Elvish Yadav, Babika Dhurve, Aashika Bhatia and Jia Shankar) and Angel Team (with Jade Hadid, Abhishek Malhan, Manisha Rani and Avinash Sachdev). The Angel team had certain rules to follow, such as not crying, not raising your voice, or getting angry. The task of the Devil team was to make the members of the Angel team break these rules. During the task, Babika pushed Manisha, which led to a heated argument. Abhishek supported Manisha and the debate continued even after the task was over.

Babika Dhurve pushed Manisha Rani

During the task, Babika Dhurve brought up the old debate with Manisha Rani and accused her of using foul language and misbehaving with her. Babika also claimed that Manisha only hangs out with boys and follows them. Manisha did not ignore Babika’s allegations and kept denying them. He tried to reconcile by hugging Babika, but Babika refused saying this and Babika pushed him several times. Abhishek consoles Manisha by hugging her and defends her in front of Babika.

Devil calling Pooja Bhatt a fan

After the task, Pooja Bhatt declared the Devil team as the winners as Manisha broke down in tears and broke the rules. After this, Manisha explains to Pooja that Babika has become violent and pushed her, due to which people can be thrown out of the house. Abhishek supports Manisha and tells Pooja that Babika actually pushed her. After this there was a heated argument between Abhishek and Babika and Malhan threatened to slap her. Abhishek also urged Pooja not to support Babika as she pushed Manisha. However, Pooja said that if Babika had pushed Manisha, Bigg Boss would have intervened.

Manisha said this to Babika

During the debate, Manisha made a hurtful statement, which enraged Babika. Manisha said, “No one will care about you after the show. No one will want to be in a relationship with a girl like you. Your parents should be ashamed of your behaviour.” The argument continued and Babika accused Manisha of bringing her parents into the fight. Later Abhishek advised Manisha not to involve her parents. Before sleeping, Manisha was seen crying on camera apologizing to Babika’s parents.

Elvish Yadav’s comment on Aashika Bhatia’s clothes

While talking to Aashika Bhatia, Elvish Yadav asked if she was wearing pants (lower) like a dress. Aashika asked why he wanted to know. Elvish replied that he did not care what he was wearing, but suggested that he wear pants (lowers). Aashika teasingly told Elvish how he had earlier asked to wear an Indian suit and now suggested wearing pants. Aashika and Abhishek Malhan jokingly called Elvish “low minded”. Later, Elvish also teased Jia Shankar about his outfit, asking him to wear pants. Everyone laughs and starts teasing Elvish. Later Manisha comes wearing a one piece. After which Elvish and Abhishek praise her a lot and say that you are looking very nice. Take a scarf along with it. After which Manisha Sharma goes.

Abhishek Malhan and Jia Shankar’s sizzling chemistry

During a conversation, Jia Shankar clarified to Manisha Rani that her relationship with Abhishek Malhan is genuine and not just to avoid nomination. He said that he does not care about Abhishek’s fan following and their friendship is genuine. Later, Abhishek expressed his desire to cut his hair and Jia offered to do it for him. Abhishek teased Jia and made fun of him for creating a hashtag to gain followers. Jiya playfully teased him to know about their plans. Referring to Thugesh’s statement, Abhishek jokingly asked Jiah if she was getting closer to him for strategic reasons. Jia said that whatever she does, she does it from her heart and is not doing it at all to increase her fan base.

JD and Abhishek fight over food

Aashika Bhatia revealed that JD Hadid asks her to do small cleaning jobs as he feels uncomfortable doing them. Abhishek shared that JD also had a problem with his use of eggs and made a statement about “eggs flying” when he used eggs to make cupcakes. Abhishek told that JD pays full attention to how much egg he uses. Later, when they were getting eggs for breakfast, JD asked if they were running out of eggs. Abhishek assures them that they have enough and have used only the prescribed amount. Abhishek jokingly taunts JD for eating the most eggs, while he thinks he is eating too many eggs. Later JD asked others to eat responsibly and not let there be any shortage of food.