Exodus of Meitei community from Mizoram continues, situation worsens after video of women being paraded naked

Manipur There is an atmosphere of anger across the country after the video of two women being paraded naked. Meanwhile, the exodus of people from the Meitei community from Mizoram continues after threats from a group of ex-militants.

Why people of Meitei community are migrating from Mizoram

In fact, after a video surfaced of two women being paraded naked in Manipur, a group of ex-militants had asked the Meitei community to leave the state, after which another 41 Meitei people from Mizoram went by road to Cachar district of Assam. Apart from this, 31 Mizo students from Manipur returned to Mizoram due to the prevailing situation there, officials said.

41 people of Meitei community reached Assam from Mizoram

41 people from the Meitei community reached Assam from Mizoram following threats from a group of ex-militants. Officials said, after the video of the Manipur incident was circulated, a group of ex-militants had asked the people of the Meitei community to leave the state. Cachar Superintendent of Police Numal Mahatta said that these people reached Silchar from neighboring Mizoram on Saturday night and have been kept in a building in Lakhipur development block in Binnakandi area. All of them are affluent families and have come in their own vehicles. Some of them are college professors, while some work as senior government officials. He has told that at present there has been no attack in Mizoram. He said that the Mizoram government is providing all security to him, but he himself does not want to take any risk and has come to Assam for his security. The Superintendent of Police said, “They are saying that they will stay here till the situation becomes normal. He said that the Assam Police is providing them security.

After violence in Manipur, people of many communities took refuge in Mizoram

It is known that thousands of people from Meitei, Kuki and Hamar communities have migrated from Manipur and are living in Assam since caste violence broke out in the state on May 3. The Mizoram government on Saturday assured security to the Meitei community living in the state and asked them not to pay heed to rumours.

Security tightened in Mizoram

Security has been beefed up across Mizoram in the wake of state-wide protests by Mizo organizations against the violence in Manipur and reports of people from the Meitei community leaving the state following a statement by a former militant group. Officials said that 78 people left for Manipur on three flights on Sunday. On Saturday, 65 people had traveled to the neighboring state.

Civil organizations rally against Manipur violence

Civil organizations demonstrated in Mizoram to express solidarity with the people of the ‘Zo’ community in Manipur who are facing caste violence. Mizos in Mizoram are ethnically related to the Kukis of Manipur, the Kuki-Chins of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, and the Chins of Myanmar. These are collectively called ‘Joe’. Chief Minister Zoramthanga has announced that his Mizo National Party (MNF) office will remain closed on Tuesday in support of the rallies. He asked party workers to participate in rallies.

Trinamool Congress alleges gang rape of a girl

The Trinamool Congress on Sunday alleged that an 18-year-old girl was attacked and gang-raped in Manipur’s Imphal East district on May 15, days after two women were paraded naked. Quoting a news item published in a section of the media, the ruling party of West Bengal claimed on Twitter, The tragedy does not end for Manipur! A group of women handed over an 18-year-old girl to four armed men, Trinamool Congress tweeted. She was later assaulted and gang-raped on May 15 in Imphal East, Manipur. If such brutal cases are coming to the public after more than a month, then how terrible would be the incidents which are still hidden.