Rajasthan: ‘Rahul Gandhi ji speaks, my mic has been switched off’, know what the sacked minister Rajendra Gudha said

Rajasthan Politics: Sacked minister Rajendra Gudha has increased the political heat in Rajasthan. Now he has given a statement regarding former National President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi. Talking to the media on Tuesday, Gudha said that Rahul Gandhi used to say, ‘Mera mike band kar diya’, ‘I was not allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha’. Rahul ji, your mike was switched off but I was not even given a seat to sit. After sacking me from the post of minister, he did not even tell me where to sit.

A day after waving the alleged ‘red diary’ in the assembly, sacked Rajasthan minister Rajendra Gudha on Tuesday demanded a ‘narco test’ of all state ministers. Gudha mentioned many things in the interview with PTI-Bhasha. He took the side of Pilot in the alleged tussle between Ashok Gehlot and former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot.

Gudha is supporting Sachin Pilot

Sacked minister Rajendra Gudha targeted Gehlot for calling senior Congress leader Sachin Pilot ‘useless’, ‘nakara’ and ‘traitor’ and said that Pilot’s father Rajesh Pilot worked for the Congress for years. Sachin Pilot has also been working for the party for 20 years. Referring to the party’s performance in 2018, the Congress MLA said that the one (Pilot) who took the party from 21 seats to 99, cannot be ‘useless’. Taking a dig at Gehlot in a way, Gudha said that if a person gets 21 marks (seats) out of 200, will that person be called hardworking.

Uproar over ‘Lal Diary’

Let us tell you that on Monday, Gudha created a ruckus in the assembly regarding ‘Lal Diary’ and after that he was suspended from the assembly after ‘pushing and uncomfortable’ scenes. Earlier, a few hours after besieging his own party’s government in the assembly on the issue of crime against women, he was sacked from the post of minister on Friday evening. Since then, the Chief Minister of Gudha Pradesh has been continuously targeting Gehlot. Gudha had the charge of Minister of State for Sainik Welfare (Independent Charge), Home Guards and Civil Defence, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development.

Narco test is a scientific and reliable test

The former minister also claimed on Tuesday that he wanted to place this diary on the floor of the assembly. He said that the narco test is a scientific and reliable test. Agencies around the world consider it correct. Even the judiciary accepts it. I am saying that the narco test of the members of the Council of Ministers should be done, if I also get it done then these are talks of rape and corruption… who is lying, who is telling the truth, everything will come to the fore.

All system is all in one

When asked whether only one minister or many ministers are mentioned in the diary, Gudha said that there is no Congress government here, it is Gehlot’s government. He is the Home Minister, Finance Minister and Chief Minister. Also, PCC chief and state Congress in-charge are in his pocket. The whole system is all in one. One man is the system, he was in great danger from that diary. The former minister said that they are accusing me that I have joined the BJP, there was no majority in 2018, I gave Gehlot ji six MLAs, then he could form the government, he was in a minority.

big rally in next 5-7 days

Former Rajasthan minister Rajendra Gudha has said that in the next 5-7 days we will hold a big rally, in which around 50,000 people will come, after the rally we will decide what to do. I will go among people and raise the issue of women’s safety. There should be a narco test of the entire Council of Ministers. The accused are sitting in the government and because of them, Rajasthan has become number one in rape and atrocities against women. I was sacked for opposing the right to speak in the assembly, the atrocities on women and other atrocities in Rajasthan.

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