Road accidents will now be curbed! Indian Army made special AI based device, know how it works

Changes are happening very fast in the technology world. In the coming days, many technologies are being introduced in front of the world. The latest invention in the tech world can also be called AI or Artificial Intelligence. Although AI can be used for many types of things, but have you ever thought that it will also be used to prevent road accidents? If not, then let us tell you that the Indian Army has developed a device based on Artificial Intelligence which will prove to be helpful in preventing road accidents before they happen. It is also a matter of happiness that the Indian Army has also got the patent certificate for fully developing this device. If you are wondering how this device works, then let us tell you that this AI-based device would have alerted the driver by sounding an alarm before road accidents happen. Especially when the driver of the vehicle is feeling sleepy. Talking about the device, the army said that with its help, it will help in curbing road accidents.

Application filed in 2021

For your information, let us tell you that this AI based device made by the Indian Army has been developed by officer Colonel Kuldeep Yadav. Not only here, in the year 2021, he had also applied for its patent. But after almost two years now it has got the certificate. Talking on the device, the Indian Army said that it has got a patent for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Accident Prevention System. Explaining further, the Army issued a tweet in which it said that this accident prevention device has been indigenously developed by the Research and Development (R&D) component of the Army. The patent certificate states that it was filed on 2 February 2021.

How does this device work

Now this question must be coming in the mind of all of you that, how does this AI based device work? If you are also interested in knowing this, then let us tell you that this device has been prepared as an accident prevention. This device will monitor the movements of the driver and will sound a loud alarm if the driver falls asleep or takes a nap while driving. When there is a loud sound, the driver’s sleep will open and because of this, it will help a lot in curbing road accidents caused due to sleep. According to the information, this device can be easily installed not only in army vehicles but also in any other vehicle. Let us tell you that this device is fitted on the dashboard of the vehicle and it always keeps an eye on the eyes of the driver. This device alerts the driver whenever he feels sleepy during the journey.

Testing done under all conditions

Talking about the AI ​​based device, an Indian Army official told the media that the device has been tested in different conditions on mountains, deserts and highways, in which the device has been completely successful. After successful testing, this device is now being fitted in all the vehicles of the Indian Army. For information, let us tell you that before obtaining the patent, the testing of AI-based accident prevention device was successfully done in the buses of the transport corporation of two states including Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. One special thing about this AI based device is that it can also be fitted in trucks without any hassle.

57 percent of road accidents happen because of this.

When asked about the reasons behind developing the AI ​​based device, Colonel Kuldeep Yadav said that the idea of ​​developing this device came to his mind when he was handling an army unit in Manipur. He told that, while driving in the mountains, the drivers get tired and their eyes used to get affected. Due to this happening, the chances of road accident increased. According to the government figures that have been presented, during the year 2021, a total of 1.54 lakh people have died due to road accidents in the country. At the same time, according to another report, more than 57 percent of truck accidents happen due to the drivers falling asleep.