To control the dream, you must not do this, as this Russian man did; read full news

man drill his brain to install dream controller microchip: A man in Russia tried to control his dreams by drilling a microchip in his skull. While doing this, he almost reached the mouth of death. This Russian person has been identified as Michael Raduga. According to media reports, to control his dreams, this man tried to put a microchip in the skull by drilling a hole in the skull with the help of a drill machine used at home. In the process, he himself got injured and had to be hospitalised.

Took 10 hours, shed a lot of blood

According to reports, a person named Michael Raduga does not have any qualification for neurosurgery. Despite this, he himself has had surgery to implant a chip in his brain, so that he can one day control his dreams. Michael did this surgery last month at his home, which took him about 10 hours and during that time he lost a lot of blood. However, before he did so, he had seen a video of a neurosurgeon working on YouTube. The incident came to light when pictures of this man, a resident of the Russian city of Novosibirsk, were posted on the Telegram channel Mash Siberia.

russian man drills his skull to insert dream controlling microchip in brain

Michael is happy to have dangerous surgery

Michael is happy to have done such a dangerous surgery on himself. He believes that this process could one day prove to be very useful, allowing people to enter their dreams. He said that if this process is done with a paralyzed person, then he can do anything in his dream. Talking to the media, Michael said, I have no qualification for neurosurgery and I used a drill found in a hardware store to make a hole in my head and implanted the chip by holding some parts of the skin with the help of paper clips.

Neurosurgeon told this process dangerous

Michael Raduga, who took the risk of such surgery on himself, said, “Initially I was scared because I had lost about 1 liter of blood while doing this and I was feeling that I might faint.” If reports are to be believed, Michael removed the chip 5 weeks after the surgery as the procedure could put him at risk of long-lasting damage. Consultant neurosurgeon Alex Green of Oxford University explains that this process should not be tried at home at all as it is a very dangerous task. He said that neurosurgery should be practiced only by experienced and qualified neurosurgeons. It is known that Raduga is the founder of the Phase Research Center organization and a writer. According to the organization’s website, he has researched and studied lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out-of-body experiences.