Watch: If you didn’t see this dance of Shikhar Dhawan then what did you see, video viral on social media

Thalapathy Vijay The song “Na Ready” from DK’s upcoming film ‘Leo’ has already gone viral on social media with users posting videos of themselves dancing to the foot-tapping track. star of indian cricket team Shikhar Dhawan Joined this trend. She showed off her dance moves in a video posted on Twitter by Sony Music South. Dhawan did a great job of following the original choreography of the song and the video has already garnered massive appreciation from social media users.

Dhawan’s marriage broke

Earlier, in an interview on Sports Tak, Shikhar Dhawan admitted that he was a ‘failure’ in marriage but does not want to point fingers at others as the decisions he took were his own. He said that I failed because the final decision is the person’s own. I don’t point fingers at others. I failed because I did not have knowledge about that field. The things I talk about cricket today, I did not know about it 20 years back. It comes with experience.

Said there was no understanding of marriage

The opener batsman revealed that his divorce case is not resolved yet. He did not rule out remarriage but at the moment he is not thinking about it. He said that my divorce case is going on now. Tomorrow, if I want to get married again, I will be wiser in that area. I’ll know what kind of girl I want. Someone with whom I can spend my life. When I was 26-27 years old and I was playing continuously, I was not in any relationship. I used to hang out, but was never in a relationship.

told why the marriage broke

That’s why, when I fell in love, I couldn’t see the red flags, he said. But today, if I fall in love, I’ll be able to see those red flags. So, if I see those red flags, I walk out. If not, I’ll move on. He said that marriage was a bouncer for me, which hit me on the head and left me all over. Now there is a mistake. Mistakes happen only by humans. We learn only by making mistakes and now we can tell others to learn from it.

Dhawan will marry second

Please tell that Shikhar Dhawan is a cool cricketer. Whether he is on the field or not, he always keeps his fans entertained with his social media posts. His fellow players tell that he remains very cool even on the field. Dhawan has also got the opportunity to captain Team India many times. Even then he has been seen leading the team in the same style. Dhawan is such a cricketer who knows how to lead from the front. He is also an inspiration for young players.

Dhawan also has a son

Talk about Shikhar’s marriage, Shikhar and Ayesha Mukherjee got married in the year 2012. Ayesha was already married and had children. However, despite this, Dhawan married her. They both had a son in 2014 named Zorawar. Everything was going well between the two, but suddenly the news came out that they were about to get divorced. Zoravar currently lives with his mother, but Dhawan visits her from time to time.