HEALTH CARE: Vegetarian diet will detox, know the magical plan for weight loss in 7 days

weight loss foods

HEALTH CARE: There is also a special list of food items which can help in weight loss, remove toxic substances from the body and make you healthy by giving you nutrition.

Day 1: Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

First day: If you have decided to lose weight, then start the first day of the specially planned diet with lemon water. For breakfast, you can opt for Greek yogurt with mixed berries and honey. You can have an option to eat quinoa and black bean salad in lunch. If you feel hungry during the day, eat carrots and cucumber. For dinner, eat a salad made with whole wheat bread, tofu slices, and protein.

second day diet

Second day: Eat 1 cup poha cooked with vegetables in 1 teaspoon oil in your breakfast and also include spinach and gram salad. You can have a snack of mixed nuts during the day. Apple with peanut butter and your dinner can include dal and vegetable with brown rice.

diet for the third day

day 3 : Start your day with lemon honey detox water. After an hour, have a fruit smoothie and a peanut butter toast. For lunch, eat roasted vegetables and a bowl of whole grain quinoa. You can have breakfast of Greek yogurt with chopped strawberries. Have Zucchini Noodles with Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes for Dinner

diet for the fourth day

Fourth day: Include two multigrain rotis filled with vegetables and a cup of curd in your diet for breakfast. For lunch, eat sweet potato and black bean salad with lemon, at night eat bell peppers with quinoa and vegetables

diet for the fifth day

5th day : For breakfast, have two multigrain idlis and a cup of rasam with chia seed water, homemade coconut and mint chutney. If you feel like eating something in between, eat seeds and dry fruits. For lunch, have lentil and vegetable soup with whole grain bread. For dinner, have grilled mushrooms with quinoa and kale salad.

6th day diet

Sixth day: For breakfast, have whole grain toast with avocado and a boiled egg. Eat chopped pears with grapes and cheese for breakfast. For lunch, eat chickpeas and vegetables with brown rice and at dinner time, eat baked sweet potatoes with black beans, corn and salsa to help with weight loss.

seventh day diet

seventh day : For breakfast, have cinnamon detox water, besan cheela with mint and garlic chutney and a medium-sized apple. For breakfast, have mixed berries and a tablespoon of whipped cream. For lunch, have spinach and mushrooms with a side salad. For dinner, have broccoli and cauliflower with vegetables and tofu fries.