Health Tips: Do not do these things even by mistake immediately after eating, otherwise you will end up in trouble.

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What you do after eating is as important as what you eat with your meal. If you are one of those people who frequently suffer from stomach health problems, then you need to pay attention to your post-meal routine and eliminate those habits that are hindering the digestion process.

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Many people choose to take an afternoon nap in the hopes of increasing their productivity during the day or compensating for the lack of sleep during the night. Then there are people who go to the gym late in the morning after a heavy breakfast. However, napping can increase digestive problems and any type of vigorous physical activity can affect the absorption of nutrients. In such a situation, here are some things which you should avoid doing after eating.

drinking tea or coffee

These beverages can interfere with iron absorption and cause mineral imbalances. If you need a drink after a meal, opt for hot water or herbal tea.

eat fruit

While fruits are nutritious, consuming them immediately after meals may cause bloating and discomfort. Wait a bit before enjoying a juicy apple.


Going to the gym immediately after eating takes blood flow away from digestion, making it less efficient. Allow at least an hour before doing vigorous exercise.


However, smoking is very harmful for health. Apart from this, smoking immediately after eating is a double whammy for your health. It not only damages your lungs but also disrupts your digestive process.


Resist the urge to take a nap immediately after eating. Lying down can cause acid reflux and indigestion. Opt for a walk instead.