Homeopathic medicines are effective in preventing eye strain, people with increasing age are at greater risk.

Dr. Devashlok Sharma,

JDS Homeopathic Hospital, Jharsuguda, Odisha

Eye strain is also called asthenopia. This is a common eye problem, but in the long run it can cause damage to the eyes. The main reason for this is watching the mobile screen for a long time. This disease is also being seen in people due to not using glasses while watching the screen.

There can be many reasons for eye strain, but experts believe that nowadays when people use computers or other digital screens, they blink less. This results in dryness in the eyes. This causes pressure on the eyes. Apart from this, keeping the screen close to your eyes and bad lighting can also cause eye strain.

Eye strain can be detected by fatigue in the eyes, pain around the eyes, blurred or double vision, headache, tears or dry eyes, increased sensitivity to light, difficulty in concentrating, difficulty in opening the eyes. Difficulty in holding, swelling in neck, pain in shoulders and waist etc.

The problem increases due to not wearing glasses

Generally, the problem of asthenopia increases when the patient does not wear the spectacles prescribed by the doctor. Due to this, headache, redness of eyes, blurred vision, lack of sleep, dizziness and feeling of vertigo, seeing any alphabet rotating, feeling like vomiting and not being able to concentrate on any one object or face can occur. Problems like blurred vision start appearing when viewed from a distance.

Older people are more at risk

As a person’s age increases, the eye muscles and the iris also start becoming weak. Generally, eyes become weak after 40 years. Due to this, near vision becomes weak and glasses are needed to read or see near. There are some people who do more work for near vision, like sewing-weaving, working on computers, watch makers, those who read in low light, they already wear glasses.

homeopathic medicine useful

There is an effective homeopathic solution to get rid of it. By taking Natrum Mur, 200 potency medicine every day in the morning on an empty stomach, this problem gradually goes away. However, if you have a habit of looking at mobile day and night, change it as soon as possible. Use mobile only when absolutely necessary. Do not use it for watching movies and webseries etc.