EXCLUSIVE: Marriage has made a huge difference in me as a person… Know why Neha Pendse said this

The popular television show Come In Madam is soon going to hit Star Bharat. Actress Neha Pendse is going to be seen once again in the role of Madam i.e. Sanjana. Conversation with Urmila Kori on this show and other aspects related to it

Once again your show is going to be telecast with new episodes, how is this feeling?

It is a very good feeling. Everyone has reconnected. Having a lot of fun. Where we left the show five years ago. We are starting from there. There is also a kind of spontaneity, because we all know each other. We know each other, so there is a reunion feeling.

What do you consider to be the USP of this show that the makers are bringing it back?

There is chemistry between all the characters in this show. I think that’s its specialty. The show has been written in a very interesting way. It has been directed very well. I think every department has done its work very well. After doing all that the final output is. People have liked it very much. These are all the reasons why the show has once again got a chance.

What was the preparation like to come back in the character of Sanjana after five years, did you watch the old episodes of the show?

Yes, you have to go back and watch some of my old episodes to understand how I used to play that character. How much of it can I bring now and what new can I add to it. Well my director told me not to take too much stress Neha. Whatever things have come to this new Neha after five years, you can add them to the character. It is not that you will do the same as you did five times ago.

Talking about your looks, you have not changed in five years, what is your fitness mantra?

Eating right and working out is always important in the life of an actress. This has always been a part of my life too. I think if you keep your weight right then your screen edge looks right. Well, like every other girl, I also gain weight easily, so I have to keep a very close eye on what I am eating. How much workout am I doing? I am able to maintain it only through discipline.

How much have you grown as a person and an actor in these five years because you also went through Covid and you also got married during this period?

Talking about Covid, I don’t like to party much. I am a very anti social person. I am staying at home, so I did not face much problem. Yes, it does feel bad to see what you were seeing or hearing during that time. Personally, Covid didn’t make much difference to me. There has definitely been a lot of difference after marriage. I have started adjusting too much. The qualities a wife has. I didn’t know he was inside me. After marriage, I have met myself in a new way. When people were surrounded by Corona, I was searching for myself in these things.

How much does your life partner complete you?

We both do not complete each other, because our personalities are very strong. I think that’s why we get along because we don’t look for support in each other. We just find companionship in each other. I am working so much right now. The television schedule is hectic. They will not say that you are just working. You are not getting much from me. They understand this. Now this stage of my life has come when I have to concentrate more on work. When I did not work for a year and a half, I was completely a family person. Now I want to focus on my career. My husband is also career oriented, so he understands me.

This show is a comedy show, what kind of comedy do you like in your personal life?

I like to do comedy in which I don’t make any special efforts to make people laugh. I like situational comedy. My character in I am Coming or the zone of the show. I like him very much.

Should there be any limits in comedy or is everything fair?

Not only comedy, not everything is fair in any genre. I think method is very important in anything. If the method is correct, then you can talk whatever you want. If the method is right then everything is fair.

You are one of the few actresses who is consistently active in television, with OTT generally being the focus these days?

I want to work in every medium, but I have no problem with television. I am proud of the fact that I am a television artiste. If I get something with him in films and OTT, I will definitely do it, but TV is something on which I would always like to come.