Health Care: Does saliva fall from the mouth while sleeping? Know the ways to stop

Why do we drool?

Health Care: Do you know why we drool? This happens because when we are sleeping, the facial muscles and swallowing movements become completely relaxed. While sleeping, saliva gets accumulated in our mouth, it can start dripping slowly because due to relaxation of facial muscles, the mouth can remain slightly open, hence due to falling of saliva, the pillow near us gets wet. Excessive drooling may be a sign of a neurological disease or may be the result of nasal congestion. Additionally, people who already had health problems, such as stroke, may have a tendency to drool frequently and in excessive amounts. it occurs.

Ways to stop drooling: Clearing sinuses

One of the main reasons for saliva falling from your mouth is blocked nose due to which the person has to breathe through the mouth and there can be a problem of saliva falling. For this, some measures can be adopted like taking a hot bath will clear the nose and will help in normal breathing at night. Oils containing eucalyptus will help you breathe more freely and also help you sleep better. Using products that help clear sinuses, such as Vicks Vaporub, will clear up nasal congestion and allow better airflow. It is also important to check whether there is any infection in the nose? If any infection appears, treat it.

Change your sleeping style

Changing your sleeping pattern can help you get rid of the problem of drooling. Sleeping on your back is a position where all the saliva produced by your body remains in your mouth and does not come out. Whereas if you sleep on your side or stomach, the accumulated saliva may flow out of your mouth and fall onto the pillow. If you find it too difficult to stay in one position all night, try to stabilize your body. Try to keep yourself in the same situation.

sleep apnea test

In sleep apnea, a person’s breathing does not move as smoothly as it should, due to which there is frequent interruption in sleep, waking up at night, feeling tired in the morning and drowsiness throughout the day. Saliva and snoring are symptoms of sleep apnea. If such a problem occurs, contact a doctor. Smoking can increase this disorder.

reduce excess weight

The increased weight of your body also disturbs your sleep. Extra weight plays an important role in your sleep process. A research has revealed that most of the people suffering from sleep apnea are overweight.

use of special equipment

Consulting a doctor to get relief from the problem of drooling can help you get the right appliance for your mouth that will help reduce drooling. These can be different dental appliances that help in better mouth closing or swallowing and hence, help you in getting better sleep.

Make sure you take the right medicine

Make sure you are taking the right medicine. Also check that if you are taking any medicine, ensure that it does not cause excess saliva production. Some antibiotics can cause hypersalivation.

keep your head up when sleeping

Keep your head elevated while sleeping. If you have problem of drooling, placing your head on a high pillow while sleeping can reduce the drooling. So remember to raise your pillow before going to bed and make sure that you are comfortable lying on it. Feel comfortable.