If you fill the tank of this car once after getting your salary, you will forget about the petrol pump for the whole month.

New Delhi : Often, a working person wants to buy a car keeping in mind the needs of his family, but considering its expenses and the cost of petrol and diesel, he abandons the plan of buying a car. The reason for this is that in this era of inflation, a car becomes a distant dream for a working person considering the expenses of children’s fees, medical expenses, expenses on expensive vegetables and flour and pulses along with running the household. But, let us tell you that there is such a car available in the Indian car market, in which once you fill the tank after getting your salary, then you will forget to go to the petrol pump for the whole month. The name of that car is Wagon-R.

Wagon-R is the top selling car of Maruti Suzuki

Let us tell you that Maruti-Suzuki India’s top selling car Wagon-R is still in demand in the Indian car market. This is such a car which everyone likes to keep in their garage. Not only is it suitable for an Indian family, it is also one of the best options for city driving. Whether you have to go to office, go shopping with family or go out with friends, it will never put a heavy burden on your pocket. At low cost and maintenance, it will fulfill every hobby of yours and your family’s dream.

Offers continue to be available on purchase of Wagon-R

The biggest thing is that domestic car manufacturing company Maruti Suzuki India has been offering discount offers on Wagon R from time to time. Due to the offers given by the company, customers can save Rs 50-55 thousand at the time of purchase. The first benefit that customers get on purchasing Wagon R is its price.

Available Variants of Wagon R

Let us also tell you that Maruti-Suzuki India’s Wagon-R is sold in many variants in the car market. Maruti Suzuki WagonR is available in LXI, LXI CNG, VXI, VXI CNG, VXI AGS, ZXI, ZXI AGS, ZXI Plus, ZXI+ AGS, ZXI Plus Dual Tone, ZXI Plus Dual Tone AGS variants. This is a 5 seater car which can seat five passengers.

Wagon R Engine Specifications

The Wagon-R new model is available in two petrol engine options, 1-litre (67PS and 89Nm) and 1.2-litre (90PS and 113Nm). With both engines, it has the choice of 5-speed manual and 5-speed automatic gearbox. Along with the 1-litre engine, CNG option is also given in it. The power output of the CNG model is 57PS and 82.1Nm. Only 5-speed manual gearbox is provided with it. Talking about the mileage of the car, it gives a mileage of up to 25 km per liter on petrol and 36 km per kg on CNG.

Wagon R Mileage

  • 1-litre petrol manual: 23.56 kmpl

  • 1-litre petrol AMT: 24.43 kmpl

  • 1.2-litre petrol manual: 24.35 kmpl

  • 1.2-litre petrol AMT: 25.19 kmpl

  • 1-Litre Petrol-CNG: 34.05 kmpl

Features of Wagon R

Wagon R comes with features like multi-function steering wheel, power adjustable exterior rear view mirror, touch screen, anti-lock braking system, alloy wheels, fog lights front and rear power windows, rear wheel cover and 2 passenger airbags.

Wagon-R price also reduced

The base variant of Wagon R, one of the most affordable hatchbacks in the country, comes at Rs 5.54 lakh. Its top variant will be available to you at an ex-showroom price of Rs 7.42 lakh.

Know the multiplication of the whole month

If you buy the CNG model of Wagon R, then you get a gas tank with a capacity of 8 kg and a petrol tank of 32 liters. If you get the petrol tank full then the car will run for 650 to 700 kilometers. Along with this, once the CNG tank is filled, it will run up to 700 kilometers. Now in such a situation you have fuel available for about 1300 kilometers. Now, to see the monthly calculations, we will need to know how many cars you drive in a day. If your running is between 40 to 50 kilometers (which is the average kilometre), then after filling both the fuel tanks of the car, you will not have to visit the petrol pump for 30 days.