Jawan Nana Patekar breaks silence on success of Shah Rukh Khan film and Gadar 2 says shows this kind of disgusting material. Nana Patekar broke his silence on the success of ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Gadar 2’ films, said

Nana Patekar also reacted regarding nepotism in the interview

Further in the video, he also threw light on nepotism and said, “I am an actor. Tomorrow I want to make my son an actor, whether he has the status or not. But I want to impose it on you. One film will fail, I will take it in the second film, even in the third film… After doing ten films, you start seeing less of his bad qualities and gradually you start liking him and one day he will fall upon us. Is sitting. Such is the picture of films here today. There are some such disgusting films, and they (filmmakers) force us to watch them, and we slowly feel that ‘no, this is a good film’.