dunki shah rukh khan breaks silence on success of rajkumar hirani film says this is the story of unn logon jo ghar slt. Dunki: Shahrukh Khan broke his silence on the success of ‘Dunki’ film, said

What is the story of Rajkumar Hirani’s Dinky?

Shahrukh Khan said that this is a film directed by one of the most brilliant filmmakers of the country, Rajkumar Hirani and written by the brilliant writer Abhijat Joshi. He further said that this is the story of people who want to come back home when their families call. He said that it is a big journey film, which travels through different regions around the world and finally comes back home, to India. Talking about Dunky, the news is spreading around that both Shahrukh and Rajkumar Hirani are planning to postpone the release of the film. However, there are no delays in the shooting schedule or VFX timeline, and the film will be ready for a Christmas 2023 release.