Joe Biden’s ‘impregnable fortress’ The Beast, a car that will foil any attack on the US President!

‘The Beast’

‘The Beast’ Some of the features of the car are:

  • This car is made of 12 inch thick steel and aluminum. This car can also survive 7.62 mm bullets, bombs and rocket attacks.

  • The car’s windows are 5 inches thick and have a thermal and chemical protection system to protect against grenade attacks.

  • The car has an oxygen system that can save passengers in case of any fire or explosion

  • There is a medical kit and a blood bank in the car

  • The car has a wireless device that allows the President to communicate and navigate to a safe location

The Beast

‘The Beast’ car is used during the US President’s tours around the world. This car is an important security measure to protect the President from any possible attack. US President Joe Biden has a latest model of ‘The Beast’ car which was made in 2018. This car weighs 8 to 10 tonnes and its price is around Rs 12 crore.

The Beast

The US Presidential Cadillac – known around the world as ‘The Beast’ – is one of the safest vehicles in the world. This car, which can withstand even EID and chemical attacks, has been prepared by the Cadillac Motor Car Division of America’s leading car manufacturing company General Motors. Every time the company gives a new upgrade to the car for the new President and the car is equipped with the latest technology. Basically this is a ‘GM Cadillac’ car.

The Beast

Joe Biden’s car has the number ’46’, which confirms that he is the forty-sixth (46th) President of the United States of America. However, he has also been seen traveling in some other Cadillac cars, which have different numbers.

The Beast

It is said that in this car, smoke screen and special handles on the doors have been provided to give 120 volt electric shock to protect against attackers. Reportedly, it can also spread oil layer on the road to keep enemy vehicles away. Pump-action shotguns, rocket-propelled grenades, night vision equipment and tear gas grenades are all said to be present in this car.

The Beast

Weighing between eight to 10 tonnes, 8 inches thick metal has been used in its body to protect it from any possible bomb blasts. Its body is made from steel, titanium, aluminum and ceramic. Which makes it an ‘impenetrable fort’ running on the road. 5 inch thick window glass is capable of stopping up to a .44 Magnum bullet. In case of any chemical attack, the interior can be sealed and The Beast can travel for miles even after a tire burst.