Lifestyle: Do you have a habit of eating late at night? Know the disadvantages of eating just before sleeping

Lifestyle : Our lifestyle has become such that eating food late at night has become a habit. There is no time left except going to sleep after eating food because we have to wake up again the next morning because the responsibility of home and office is on our shoulders. But do you know that eating just before sleeping is harmful.

You may have heartburn.

painful burning sensation in throat

When we eat food, the acid produced during digestion of food is present in the stomach. Gravity is very helpful here, as it pushes the fluid stream downwards. However, when lying in bed, acid passes through the stomach and can come into contact with sensitive parts of the digestive system so lying in bed with a full stomach can cause chest pain. Burning, painful burning sensation in the chest or throat may occur.

frequent urge to urinate

excessive urination at night

Some people feel a greater need to urinate at night, called nocturia. This may be related to the amount of caffeine in the food you eat late in the day. This means that the food you eat Can be a diuretic, or in other words it makes you urinate more. Such as tea, baked desserts containing chocolate and some medicines.

Your weight may increase

bad for figure

When you eat late and don’t spend enough time sleeping before going to bed, you don’t give the body enough time to burn the calories from the food you were eating so even though you may feel very sleepy after a heavy meal. Even if collapsing on the couch for a short nap is all you want to do, this decision can be bad for your figure. If you don’t want any unwanted weight secretly creeping into your body, It would be better to stop eating before sleeping or stay awake for some time after having dinner.

more nightmares

tossing and turning in the morning

Sometimes it happens that the whole night turns to and fro in the morning. Have you ever noticed that this happens immediately after eating a full meal at night? It could also be due to the food you ate at night. Eating late at night causes your brain to become more active by activating your metabolism. Then you enter so-called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is the time when most dreams occur so eat right before bed. try to close

impact on sleep quality

impact on sleep quality

If you have eaten too much food just before going to bed late at night, then the entire digestion process continues even while sleeping. The reason for poor sleep can be different for everyone. It may be that your brain is more active during metabolism, spending energy digesting food eaten before bed, causing you to sleep less deeply. Another reason could be that you remain awake due to heartburn symptoms. It also depends on the kind of food you eat and how much you eat. To prevent problems like heartburn or insomnia at night, eat a late dinner later than immediately after going to bed. It is better to do.