I am proud of someone’s love, my fame sai breaks silence on fight with Virat, says I only have coffee. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Sai broke silence on the news of fight with Virat, said

Ayesha Singh said this about Neil Bhatt

Ayesha Singh further said, I have learned a lot because I was very innocent and he was very sweet to me. Especially in the beginning, I needed as much patience as I could. Even my DOP, I have learned a lot from him. He taught me how to stay on target and many things like how to take light, technical things. Since you specifically asked about Neil sir, I was sure that I knew the lines, and he knew that I knew the lines. But, that (script) would always be with me and I was never sure whether we would complete it in one go because, you know, there were 15-20 pages of scenes at a go. So to do it all in one go… So sir used to say, we have set this camera up, 3-4 cameras have been installed, you guys just go ahead and perform.