Now Pulsar will run on CNG, Bajaj Auto is going to make a big splash in the two-wheeler segment!

bajaj auto soon cng bikes Can come to the market with it. Company Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj has recently said in an interview that the company will request Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to reduce GST on CNG vehicles to 18%. He also said that the company is considering bringing CNG bikes.

The new Pulsar will have CNG!

Company’s Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj, while talking to the media regarding the company’s vehicles in the future, also hinted at a new Pulsar (Bajaj Pulsar) range as well as a CNG bike in the 100 cc segment.

Bajaj Auto has experience in developing and manufacturing CNG vehicles

Bajaj Auto has experience in developing and manufacturing CNG vehicles. The company already manufactures CNG auto rickshaws and tractors. The company will also be able to bring CNG bikes. CNG bikes will be beneficial in many ways. They will be more economical than bikes running on petrol and diesel. They will also be better for the environment because they produce less pollution.

Rajiv Bajaj had given hints earlier 17

This is not the first time that Bajaj Auto’s CNG bike is being talked about. Almost 17 years ago, i.e. in April 2006, Rajiv Bajaj had indicated that the company was working on a new product. Apart from petrol, it will also run on CNG. It was said that dual-fuel technology would be used in this bike. However, till now this product has remained away from the market. Now that there is a demand to reduce GST on CNG vehicles, once again the discussion has gained momentum whether Bajaj Auto is preparing for a CNG bike.

Use of CNG vehicles will be encouraged

Bajaj Auto launching CNG bikes will promote the use of CNG vehicles in the Indian market. This will provide a clean and economical transportation option. There has been no official announcement as to when Bajaj Auto will launch CNG bikes. However, signals from the company indicate that it may do so soon.

Many potential benefits of CNG bikes

There are many potential benefits of Bajaj Auto CNG bikes, including:

  • Affordability: CNG is cheaper than petrol and diesel. With this, owners of CNG bikes will save on fuel.

  • Environment friendly: CNG produces less pollution. This will improve air quality.

  • Safety: CNG bikes may have better safety features than petrol and diesel-powered bikes.

Some possible challenges of CNG bikes

Bajaj Auto CNG bikes also have some potential challenges, which include:

  • Cost of CNG engines: CNG engines can be more expensive than petrol and diesel engines.

  • Availability of CNG stations: CNG stations are still not uniformly available across the country.

  • Performance of CNG bikes: CNG engines can be less powerful than petrol and diesel engines.

Bajaj Auto CNG bikes can be a successful product in the Indian market

Bajaj Auto CNG bikes can be a successful product in the Indian market. Demand for CNG vehicles is increasing in India. CNG bikes are economical, environment friendly and safe. All these factors are attractive to Indian consumers. If Bajaj Auto launches CNG bikes correctly, it can become a big player in the Indian market.