rohit sharma 13 years ago tweet viral comeback from 2011 world cup setback avd

Rohit was ignored 12 years ago, today became the uncrowned king of records

Team India’s explosive opener and captain Rohit Sharma is being praised all around at the moment. Fans are immersed in his praise. Such moments always come for cricketers. When a player does well, he is praised a lot, but when his form is bad, he also has to face criticism. Rohit Sharma is the biggest example of this. 12 years ago, when the World Cup was played in India, he was not included in the team. He had to sit outside and watch the World Cup. At that time he had already spent four years in international cricket. He was also getting taunts on social media. Not only this, in 2010 also he had to face criticism from fans. But when Rohit Sharma has become the uncrowned king of records, his tweet from 12 years ago is becoming increasingly viral. What Rohit Sharma had said 12 years ago, he has now done.