Why Two Key’s: Why are two keys given with a new car or bike?

Often when we buy a new car or bike we two keys They are given and the basic reason for this is that in case of loss of one key, one can drive the vehicle conveniently by using the other key, but apart from this, there are many other reasons also due to which vehicle manufacturing companies provide two keys.

security reasons

Cars and bikes are often victims of theft. In case a key is lost or stolen, thieves can steal the vehicle. Having a spare key gives the owner the convenience of accessing the vehicle and keeping it safe, even if one key is lost or stolen.

convenience reasons

It can be difficult to always carry a key. For example, a key may be left at home, or it may be lost or stolen. Having a spare key allows the owner to access the vehicle even if one key is not available. Having two keys helps the vehicle owner reduce this risk. If one key is lost or stolen, the owner still has a spare key that can be used to access the vehicle. This helps the owner keep the vehicle safe and reduce the chances of theft.

Risk of immobilizer damage

After losing the key, some people make a fake key and use it. In such a situation, the engine immobilizer of the car can get damaged, which is not only dangerous for the security of your car, but it also brings a big expense for you. To avoid such problems, companies provide another key.

Losing one key and using another

In many cars, the key is attached to the remote of the central lock, while the other key is blank. There is only one reason behind this that the second key is given only for emergency use. If you lose your primary key, you can unlock the car using the spare key.

What to do if both images are lost

If both the keys of your car or bike are lost then immediately contact the authorized service center and get the lock set replaced and get a new set of keys. This will keep your car safe and you will once again get a set of two keys.

some other reasons

In some cases, there may be other reasons for giving two keys with the car or bike. For example, a key may be used for a specific function, such as activating a remote locking system. A spare key can be used as a normal key. For example, some cars come with a remote locking system. A key can be used to activate this system. A spare key can be used as a normal key.