Israel Hamas Conflict: Now Israel will take ground action in Gaza! Order to evacuate 11 lakh people from northern area

Israel Hamas Conflict: Israel has ordered the evacuation of 11 lakh people from the northern area of ​​Gaza. The Israeli army told the United Nations on Friday that Palestinians in Gaza should be transferred to the south of the enclave within the next 24 hours. A United Nations spokesperson gave information in this regard and said that the Israeli army has instructed 11 lakh people of Northern Gaza to leave from there within 24 hours. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the order risked ‘devastating humanitarian consequences’. Let us tell you that this order has come at a time when Israel has intensified its retaliation against Hamas. This order is being interpreted to mean that ground attacks can be intensified, although the Israeli Army has not given any information in this regard.

On Thursday, the Army had said that it is preparing for a ground attack but no decision has been taken in this regard at present. Dujarric further said that the Israeli military has also appealed to all UN staff and people sheltering in UN facilities, including schools, health centers and clinics, to withdraw from the area. This military warning from Israel came after Israel has accumulated tanks near the Gaza border and intensified air strikes on the Palestinian territory after the deadly Hamas terrorist attack.

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Know at a glance what has happened so far here

-Thousands of deaths in both countries so far

-Israel asked people to vacate Gaza Strip, leaflet dropped from the sky

-More than 1,300 people were killed, including 189 Israeli soldiers.

-1,400 Palestinians and 1,500 Hamas terrorists were killed

-22 American citizens died, no information about 17

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-3.38 lakh Palestinians left their homes, 450 children have died so far

-German Chancellor warned- if Israeli flag is burnt, action will be taken

-‘X’ deleted hundreds of accounts related to Hamas

-Iranian President and Saudi Crown Prince talked about war

Preparation for ground campaign in Gaza

Fighting between Israel and Hamas continued on Thursday, the sixth day of the war. The Israeli Army said that it is preparing for a ground operation in Gaza, but no decision has been taken in this regard. Meanwhile, efforts are continuing to free the Israeli people held hostage in Gaza. It is believed that Qatar, Egypt and other countries are in talks to release the hostages from Gaza.

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Till then the siege of Gaza will continue…

Israel’s Energy Minister said that until our hostages are released, the siege of Gaza will continue and water and electricity will not be supplied. At the same time, the cruelty of Hamas has also come to light. Israeli army spokesperson has claimed that Hamas terrorists have beheaded Israeli children. US President Joe Biden has called it ‘Jewish genocide’. Said that it has refreshed the painful memories of centuries of Jewish genocide.

France bans all pro-Palestine demonstrations and pledges to protect Jews

In view of the increase in anti-Semitic incidents since the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel, the French Interior Minister ordered local authorities to ban all pro-Palestinian demonstrations. President Emmanuel Macron has urged the French people not to let the ongoing war in West Asia affect their country. Paris police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse pro-Palestinian protesters just before Macron addressed the nation on the conflict in Middle East. . These people had protested against the Israeli government in violation of the ban.

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