It is not easy to remove 10 lakh people in 24 hours, people are in panic, what will be the result if Gaza area is not vacated

Israel Hamas War Updates: The Israeli army on Friday instructed about 1 million people living in Gaza City to leave. After this instruction, the possibility of ground action by Israel in the area has increased. The United Nations has warned that it could prove fatal for such a large number of people to run away to save their lives, while Hamas has rejected this instruction of the Israeli Army and has asked people to stay in their homes. Hamas had carried out rapid air attacks on Israel on Saturday, in response to which the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have taken action targeting the main positions of Hamas. Today is the seventh day of the conflict. Gaza City is also included in the evacuation order. After this order, there is great panic among the citizens.

A big fight may break out

Nebal Farsakh, spokeswoman for the ‘Palestinian Red Crescent’ in Gaza City, said through tears that forget about food, forget about electricity, fuel. The only concern at this time is whether you are going to survive. The war has already taken the lives of more than 2,800 people on both sides and has heightened tensions across the region. Recently, Israel has also carried out air strikes on the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, in view of which the possibility of a wider conflict has arisen, although that border is currently calm. Demonstrations were seen in nearby countries during Friday prayers. Tension is at its peak in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Islamic organization that takes charge of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque said that Israeli authorities are not allowing men under the age of 50 to enter.

Israel’s bombing continues

Israel has continuously bombed Gaza since the weekend attack. Hamas fighters attacked the southern region of the country and massacred hundreds of people. They also killed children and youth attending a concert. Hamas has kidnapped 150 people and taken them to Gaza. Hamas said that 13 hostages, including foreigners, were killed in the heavy bombardment by Israel on the Gaza Strip. Hamas’s military wing said in a statement on Friday that 13 people had been killed in various locations in the past 24 hours. At the same time, Israeli army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has rejected the news of the hostages being killed in air strikes and told ‘Al Jazeera Arabic’, “We have our own information and we do not believe the lies of Hamas.”

Hagari said that the army has asked the people of northern Gaza to move towards the south. The United Nations said that 11 lakh people will be affected by this. Israel has alleged that Hamas fighters are hiding in tunnels in Gaza City. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said, “The United Nations believes that it is impossible for such an operation to be completed without humanitarian tragedy.” He said Israel has issued a blanket evacuation order asking half of Gaza’s population to move to the south of the territory within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Hamas called on Palestinians to stay in their homes, saying that Israel is trying to create confusion among citizens and harm the unity of our internal front. Hamas asked Palestinians to ignore this ‘psychological warfare’. have requested. Asked whether the army would provide security to hospitals, UN shelters and civilian areas, Hagari said, “This is a war zone.” He said that if Hamas stops people from leaving then the remaining responsibility will be on it.

The blanket order for northern Gaza also applies to all UN staff and the thousands of people who have taken shelter in UN schools and other facilities. Israel’s Energy Minister Israel Katz posted on the social media platform Even trucks will not enter Gaza. Israel said it was to target Hamas’ military infrastructure, much of which is underground.

Another spokesman, Jonathan Conricus, said the military would make “comprehensive efforts to avoid harming civilians” and that residents would be allowed to return when the war ends. Hamas terrorists operate in civilian areas, so Israel has long accused them of using Palestinians as human shields. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said in a press conference with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, “Common people are a shield for terrorists. In such a situation, we need to separate them. Therefore, those who want to save their lives, please move towards southern Gaza. Meanwhile, Gaza City resident Khaled Abu Sultan did not at first believe the evacuation order was genuine, and did not know whether he would be able to take his family to southern Gaza. “We don’t know whether there are safe areas there or not,” he said. No. We don’t know anything.

Another family contacted friends and relatives in southern Gaza in search of shelter, but then changed their minds. Many worry that they will not be able to return or will gradually be displaced to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. More than half of the Palestinians in Gaza are descendants of people who became refugees in the war that broke out during Israel’s establishment in 1948. Thousands of people fled or were expelled from Israel in that war. The United Nations said on Thursday that at least 423,000 people are already forced to become homeless due to Israeli air strikes. Gaza’s health ministry said it was impossible to remove many of the injured from hospitals. Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said, “We cannot empty hospitals and leave the wounded and sick to die.