World Cup: Rain of centuries in the World Cup, only 10 matches, 12 centuries scored

A lot of runs are being scored in the ODI World Cup being played in India. More than four hundred runs have been scored in an innings, so this World Cup has become special in terms of centuries also. Till Thursday, 12 centuries have been scored in just 10 matches played in the World Cup. This has happened for the first time. Earlier, in the years 1975, 1987, 1992, 2003, 2011 and 2015, only a maximum of five centuries were scored in the first 10 matches of the World Cup.

Scored five centuries against Sri Lanka only.

In the ten matches played so far in the 13th edition of the World Cup, only five centuries have been scored against the Sri Lankan team. At the same time, two centuries each have been scored against England and Pakistan. In the same match, three centuries have been scored by South African batsmen and two centuries by batsmen from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. South African batsman De Kock has scored centuries in the first two consecutive matches of the 2023 World Cup.

Score so many centuries in this World Cup

  • 1975-05

  • 1979-01

  • 1983-02

  • 1987-05

  • 1992-05

  • 1996-03

  • 1999-00

  • 2003-05

  • 2007-04

  • 2011-05

  • 2015-05

  • 2019-03

  • 2023 -12 (At present the game is still going on, many more centuries will be added to it.)