Israel Hamas War: Fear of Third World War! Israel started ground action

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Israel Hamas War: War continues between Israel and Hamas for the eighth consecutive day. Meanwhile, the Israeli army on Friday directed about 1 million people living in Gaza City to leave, which is being discussed all over the world. After this order, the fear of ground action by Israel in the area has intensified. At the same time, Hamas has asked people to stay in their homes. There is great panic amidst all this. According to the news, after Israel’s order, people have evacuated the northern part and started running towards the south. However, the United Nations has said that it is not easy to evacuate the entire area. Meanwhile, this question is coming in the minds of people whether the world is moving towards the third world war. In fact, the world once again seems to be divided into two parts due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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According to defense experts, due to this, the world may face very challenging situations in the future. To deal with this problem, all countries will have to move forward and try to find a solution to the Palestine dispute. According to experts, the Israel-Hamas conflict is not only much bigger than the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but it is also dangerous. In the times to come, the center of the entire world will be seen focusing on this struggle.

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Here, hospitals in Gaza have said that it is difficult to evacuate the injured from here. The condition of many is critical. Removing them could make the situation worse. Here, after the 24-hour order to evacuate Gaza, Israeli soldiers entered Gaza in search of hostages and terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah. Along with the army, tanks and other artillery vehicles are being deployed for ground operations.

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Israel alleges that Hamas stores its ammunition and weapons among the densely populated areas, putting the safety of Palestinian citizens at stake. Israel has also pointed to a network of underground tunnels in Gaza, which is called ‘Metro’. Hamas fighters use it to hide. So far, 2,800 people from both sides have lost their lives.

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A look at the latest developments

-1 million people of Gaza are running towards the south in panic

-Hamas claims- 13 hostages died in Israel’s bombing

-Saudi Arabia said- keep an eye on the developments and take decision on time

-Ban on all demonstrations in support of Palestine in France

-Two Jewish schools in London closed amid security fears

-Demonstration in Yemen Indonesia against air strikes on Gaza

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Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirbadullahian warned that if Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip are not stopped immediately, the violence could spread to other parts of West Asia.

Israel Hamas War

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin reached Tel Aviv on Friday to meet senior Israeli leaders. Austin met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Here, Israel said that an employee of its embassy in Beijing was attacked on Friday, after which he is hospitalized. China has not yet given any information about the attack.