Israel–Hamas War: Gaza turning into ruins! See heart-wrenching pictures

Israel–Hamas War photo

Israel–Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas continues for the ninth day. Amidst the war with Hamas, the Israeli army had given an ultimatum to the people of Palestine to vacate Northern Gaza. Israel Defense Force (IDF) had said that the people of Gaza should go towards the southern part of the Gaza Strip for their safety. Meanwhile, the claim being made by the Israel Defense Force is shocking. The IDF has said that Hamas is trying to prevent Palestinian citizens from moving from Northern Gaza to Southern Gaza. Meanwhile, 2215 people have lost their lives in the attack in Gaza. 724 children are also included in the dead. Israel Defense Force wrote on social media platform X that we have evidence that Hamas is trying to stop Palestinians from moving from northern to southern Gaza. Hamas takes pleasure in harming civilians.

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Here the Israeli army, which entered Gaza for ground action, has found bodies of hostages. According to the news, the Israeli Defense Force claimed that Hamas terrorists subjected the hostages to severe torture before killing them. Israel said that it is fully prepared for air, land and naval attacks in Gaza Strip.

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Meanwhile, the exodus of Palestinians from northern Gaza has started. At the same time, Egypt, Israel and America have agreed to allow foreign citizens in Gaza to enter Egypt through the Rafah border. An agreement has also been reached in this regard. Israel has agreed to refrain from attacking areas through which civilians will pass while leaving the Palestinian territories.

Israel–Hamas War Gaza photo

Israel has said that Palestinians can safely travel on this route from 10 am to 4 pm. Egypt has erected temporary walls at the Rafah border. Here, on the eighth day of the Israel-Gaza war, Israel killed two Hamas commanders. One of them is Commander Ali Qadi, who led the attack on Israel, the other is senior commander Murad Abu Murad, who led the Hamas air strike in Gaza City.

Israel–Hamas War today Gaza photo

Amidst the Israeli action, a large number of people left Gaza in cars, trucks and mules towards the main roads in the south. Hamas’s request to stay at home was also not accepted. On Saturday, the Gaza Health Ministry said more than 2,200 people had been killed in the area, including 724 children and 458 women. Israel said more than 1,300 Israelis were killed in the Hamas attack. 1,500 Hamas terrorists were killed during the fighting.

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Israel attacked Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. Here, Iran’s Foreign Minister has called on Israel to stop attacks on Gaza. Warned that if the attacks are not stopped, Israel will suffer huge losses.

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Know these developments at a glance

Reuters cameraman dies in southern Lebanon

-Israel deployed 360,000 soldiers on Gaza border

-US Secretary of State meets Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister

-4,23,000 people have been evicted from their homes so far

-1.5 lakh Israeli soldiers deployed on the border with cannons and tanks

-Missile attacks took place in many new areas of Israel also

-From Tel Aviv to Gaza, even hospitals are not spared from the blasts.

Bodies of Israeli hostages found, two Hamas commanders killed

-35,000 people gathered in Palestinian hospital for shelter

-Israel attacked Hezbollah targets in Lebanon

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