PHOTO: Ola’s three electric bikes will be launched in India soon, know the design and features

New Delhi : in India electric vehicle It is being seen as an alternative to vehicles running on petrol and diesel. In recent months, many Indian and foreign vehicle manufacturing companies have launched electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, electric three wheelers, electric trucks and even electric buses in the Indian market. In case of electric scooter Hailstone, Ather, Ultraviolette, Hero and Bajaj are quite famous. It is being told that Ola, a startup manufacturing electric two-wheelers, is going to launch its electric superbike. It will also introduce not just one, but three superbikes in India. Come, let us know which electric superbikes Ola is going to launch in India? What are their features, design and range?

ola roadster

Concept models of four electric superbikes of electric two-wheeler manufacturing startup Ola were introduced in India on 15 August 2023. Ola Roadster was also included in this. Concept models of three other electric motorcycles were introduced by the startup, among them Diamond Head, Adventure.

ola roadster design

ola roadster Talking about the design, this electric bike has been designed in a new way. It is said that the way the Roadster has been designed, that kind of design has not been seen in any electric bike till now. Although, information about its specifications has not been revealed yet, but it was seen in the showcase that Ola Roadster will have attractive features and sporty and futuristic look. It gets an inverted fork, disc brakes on both wheels, a mono-shock and an all-LED lighting setup.

Ola Roadster Range

According to media reports, the top model of Ola electric scooter has a range of 180 kilometers and a top speed of 120 kilometers. This indicates that the electric motorcycle will have much better and higher specifications than the current portfolio. It is estimated that the Ola Roadster will also get a powerful electric motor, whose top speed can go up to about 130-140 kilometers per hour and a range of about 200 to 220 kilometers on a single charge. However, only the product has been shown by the company. No official information has been given about the specifications.

ola cruiser

Now if we talk about Ola Electric’s cruiser bike, it is likely to have a range of around 250 kilometers along with excellent features. The company claims that a DC fast charger can also be available in this bike with a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour. Ola’s cruiser electric bike will be fully charged in just 4 hours.

ola cruiser design

Ola’s new bike cruiser You will find many features equipped with advanced technology, which will give it a premium and luxury look. In this you will get 8-inch touchscreen TFT touchscreen display with which you can connect your mobile. Along with this, you can get all the updates along with your messages and calls. In this you also get speakers along with music player, in which you can play songs and exhaust sound also. This bike will have GPS, alloy wheel, disc brake, LED light, USB charger, fast charger and other great features.

Ola Adventure

Third new electric superbike in Ola Electric’s lineup adventure Which can be introduced in India soon. Talking about its design, the designs of all the electric motorcycles of Ola are quite advanced. Advanced technology has also been used in the design and features of the upcoming electric superbike adventure, which makes its look quite attractive. Ola did not give much information about this bike but its features and power can be estimated from the showcase. The company will start manufacturing lithium-ion battery cells from next year.