Don’t be surprised! When the camera was kind, challan was issued to 800 people while filling petrol.

New Delhi : If you have a car and you have gone to a petrol pump to fill petrol, then the challan for your car can be deducted. Don’t be surprised! This is not a throwaway thing, but a reality. The news is from Delhi that with the help of CCTV cameras, challans of about 800 people have been issued while filling petrol in their vehicles at the petrol pump. According to a report by Hindi news channel Aaj Tak, a unique initiative has been taken by the Delhi Transport Department to install CCTV cameras at petrol pumps. This step has been taken by the Transport Department to crack down on polluting vehicles.

Delhi Transport Department started pilot project

It has been said in the report that initially the pilot project was started by Delhi Transport Department by installing CCTV at four petrol pumps of the city. Under this initiative of the department, while filling oil in the vehicle at the petrol pump, the CCTV camera captures the photo of the number plate of the polluting vehicles. After this, the transport department, in the blink of an eye, searches the horoscope of that vehicle causing pollution. With this, the department comes to know whether the owner of which vehicle has PUC i.e. Pollution Under Check Certificate or not. This pilot project was started on a small scale, so that its effectiveness could be known better.

Challan is issued in the blink of an eye

It has been said in the report that the Transport Department’s plan to install CCTV cameras at petrol pumps to reduce pollution in Delhi is not costing much and the work is also being done. A clear picture of the number plate is captured through CCTV cameras installed at petrol pumps. Apart from the server of the petrol pump, this picture is routed to the additional CPU of the Transport Department of Delhi Government. The computer does the rest of the work automatically.

This means that no employee has been appointed by the Transport Department for this work. Regarding this, the government says that the identity of the petrol pump is being kept confidential so that people can be made aware that their challan can be issued at any petrol pump.

Challan will be deducted automatically

Officials of Delhi Transport Department say that such an experiment is being conducted for the first time in the country. Its results are also shocking. He said that within a month of starting the pilot project, more than 800 challans were issued. If the pilot project is successful, Delhi Transport Department has decided that CCTV cameras will be increased from 4 to 25 petrol pumps. Not only this, there is a plan to increase the number of such pumps to 500 in the coming days, so that Delhi can be made pollution free.