Israel Hamas Lebanon War: Tank blown up by missile, heavy firing, Israel has jumped into the fight with Hamas in Lebanon!

Israel Hamas Lebanon War: A fierce battle has broken out between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israel is continuously attacking Gaza Strip. At the same time, Hamas fighters are also attacking Israel with rockets. Meanwhile, it seems that Lebanon has also started a war against Israel. Actually, heavy firing is being done from the Lebanese side on the Israeli border. An anti-tank missile from Lebanon has blown up an Israeli tank. On Tuesday, an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon fell in Metula in northern Israel and three people were injured. However, the Israeli army is giving a full response.

No organization took responsibility
However, no Lebanese organization has yet taken responsibility for the missile attack on Israel. Although it was not clear whether the people injured in this missile attack were civilians or soldiers, but Israel has ordered people living in the areas bordering Lebanon to evacuate the area. Israel fired several shells and released white phosphorus in border areas in southern Lebanon. Lebanon’s official news committee National News Agency has given this information. Here, the Israeli Army said that its tanks retaliated after anti-tank missiles were fired from across the border. Earlier the Israeli army had said that it had killed four terrorists who had tried to plant explosives in the wall between Israel and Lebanon.

Gaza on the verge of complete destruction
Even on the 10th day of the fighting, Gaza Strip is being continuously attacked by Israel. Israel is launching rockets and air strikes on possible targets of terrorists. Even today i.e. on Tuesday, Israel’s air strikes on Southern Ghazi continued. Dozens of people have died in the attack. However, these air strikes took place after Israel warned the common people to move from Northern Gaza to Southern Gaza. In fact, Israel is now preparing for a ground attack on Gaza. Israeli army numbering more than three lakhs is standing on the Gaza border.

Common people are also suffering huge losses in the attack.
Gaza residents said the injured were taken to hospital after the attacks outside the southern Gaza cities of Rafah and Khan Yunis. Senior Hamas official and former health minister Bassam Naeem said that 27 people died in Rafah and 30 in Khan Yunis. According to an Associated Press correspondent, about 50 bodies have been brought to Nasir Hospital in Khan Younis since Tuesday morning. His family members have reached the hospital to claim the dead bodies. An airstrike in Deir al-Balah reduced a house to rubble, killing nine members of a family. Three members of another family in the neighborhood also died.

what is the reason for the fight
In fact, Hamas had attacked Southern Israel on October 7, in which 1400 Israeli people were killed. Most of them were common people. Since then, Israel has been carrying out air strikes on Hamas-ruled Gaza. According to the Health Ministry there, at least 2778 people of Gaza have died and 9700 others have been injured in Israeli attacks. However, even after these attacks, Hamas extremists have not stopped firing rockets at Israel. According to health officials, about 1,200 people are feared buried under debris across Gaza.

Severe shortage of food, water, fuel and medicines in Gaza
Due to air strikes and Israel’s blockade, there is an acute shortage of essential commodities in Gaza. Israel has asked people to leave northern Gaza and move to the southern part. This has also increased the frustration among the people. The population of Gaza Strip is about 23 lakhs. According to the United Nations, more than 1 million Palestinians have fled their homes and 60 percent of them are in the evacuation zone in the south, about 14 kilometers long. Aid workers have warned that Gaza is almost ruined and supplies of water and medicine are dwindling. Electricity in hospitals can go off at any time.

Trucks carrying aid are parked at the Rafah crossing, the only link between Gaza and Egypt, waiting to enter the small area. The stranded civilians are hoping to escape, most of whom are Palestinians who have dual citizenship. Mediators are trying to reach a consensus for a ceasefire to open the border. This border was closed after Israeli air strikes last week. Egypt and Israel have agreed that aid contingents stationed at the border will travel to Israel to visit Kerem Shalom, the border crossing between Gaza and Israel, and then escort convoys carrying aid supplies, an Egyptian official said on Tuesday. Will be allowed to go to Gaza.