Your family will be safe if you build a house at what distance from the highway, know the important rules of road construction.

New Delhi : Everyone dreams of building their own house. This dream becomes even more successful when your house is connected to the city or road. To maintain this connectivity, people generally prefer to build houses on the main road or highway, so that in case of emergency, they can easily reach the city or facilities. There should be no problem in transportation. Many times it is also seen that people invest their hard-earned money to build houses on the side of the road or highway. But, a big question arises that is it safe for the family to build a house on the side of the road or highway? After all, what is the reason that people build houses on the side of the road or highway? Come, let us know.

Compensation is given after road widening

It is also seen that people who build houses on the roadside, then when the road widening work is done, the houses are demolished and in lieu of this, compensation is given to the landlord by the government. Is.

What is the rule regarding distance of house from the road?

It is not that a person can build a house on the roadside and no one will say anything to him. There are also rules for building houses on the roadside. According to media reports, every state has different rules for the distance of building houses on the roadside. These rules are decided by municipal corporations or municipalities. Many times rules are also prepared by the state government and the National Highway Authority of India. But, to know the distance of the house from the road, any person can get this information from the Municipal Corporation or Municipality.

At what distance from the road is it safe to build a house?

If you are going to build a house on the roadside, then it is very important for you to know the width of the right of way along that road. There is a rule to build a house or a commercial building on the diverted plot after taking No Objection Certificate (NOC) from all concerned government departments, leaving aside the prescribed offset outside its limits. Now if you are going to build a house on the side of the highway, then the rule states that your house plot should be at least 75 feet away from the road. According to the government, a distance of 75 feet from the center line of the road is considered appropriate in a National Highway or State Highway. Along with this, it is better to build a house at a distance of 60 feet in Major District Road and 50 feet in Ordinary District Road. Only after leaving this distance can any construction or boundary etc. be done.

Within what radius a house cannot be built

According to the rules set by the government, there will be no construction within a radius of 75-75 meters on either side of the middle of the highway. If the construction is very important then permission will have to be taken from NHAI and Highway Ministry. In the new system under Section 42 of the National Highway Control Act, it is clear that permission for construction up to 40 meters from the middle of the highway will not be given at all.