Are you troubled by headache due to weather change? These home remedies will relieve the pain.

Lemon juice

Try these remedies to remove heaviness in the head: Lemon juice works as a panacea for headache. If you are very troubled by headache, then squeeze half a lemon in a cup of hot water and drink it three times a day. Consuming lemon water provides relief to the nerves. Lemon also balances the alkaline-acid content in the body, which reduces gas formation in the stomach and provides relief from headache.

almonds soaked overnight

If you eat almonds soaked overnight every morning, you will not have the problem of morning headache.

consumption of clove

Consumption of clove gives very good results in headache. Make a paste by mixing salt in clove powder and drink it with milk. Doing this will reduce headache or heaviness in some time.

Relief from ginger pieces also

Ginger pieces also provide relief. Cut some pieces of ginger and keep them in a bowl. Apply this ginger on the forehead and temples for ten minutes in such a way that its aroma penetrates the body through the nose.

salt on apples

Applying salt on apple in the morning and eating it on an empty stomach and drinking lukewarm water also provides relief from headache. Doing this remedy for a few days will provide a lot of relief.

foot bath

Another very relieving solution is to keep hot water in a tub and dip your feet in it. Keep your feet in the tub for some time, then take them out and wipe them and do it again after some time. This foot bath helps in reducing the pressure of the blood vessels present in the head.