Iran took this big decision! is being discussed all over the world

On one hand, the war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for thirteen consecutive days. At the same time, a news related to Iran is coming out which has become the center of discussion. In fact, Iran has banned the teaching of all foreign languages ​​including English and Arabic in kindergartens and primary schools. An order has been issued in this regard and it has been banned with immediate effect. If we look at the reports of government media, Masoud Tehrani-Farzad, an official of the Ministry of Education, has shared information in this regard. On behalf of Farzad, it was said that teaching of foreign languages ​​in kindergarten, nursery and primary schools has been banned. Explaining the reason behind this decision, he said that the said decision was taken because at this age the Iranian identity of the child is developing.

Let us discuss here that Iran had banned teaching of English in primary schools in 2018 itself, but it is taught from secondary schools. Giving information in this regard, Masoud Tehrani-Farzad said that the ban on teaching of foreign languages ​​will be implemented not only on English but also on other languages ​​including Arabic. Let us tell you here that Persian is the only official language of Iran which is being given importance in education. Talking about June 2022, at this time the Education Ministry of Iran had indicated to start the trial of teaching French in schools across the country. The above step was taken with the aim of ending the monopoly of the English language.

Decision was also taken regarding international schools

Not only this, in September the country had taken a decision to ban Iranian or dual-national students from going to international schools, which was also discussed all over the world. Explaining the reason behind this decision, it was said that children have the responsibility to follow the school curriculum of the country. If we look at the report, due to this decision there was a sudden decline in the number of students in some international schools including the French and German Institutes of Tehran. On the other hand, there was a news about Nargis Mohammadi, who has been continuously fighting for women’s rights, democracy and against death penalty in Iran for years. Yes…she was announced to be honored with this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. He is currently behind bars. Mohammadi is a name who is continuing his work even after being repeatedly arrested and jailed due to his movement.