Israel Hamas War: Israeli tanks deployed on Gaza border, see army’s preparations in video

Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas continues for the thirteenth day. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced which is from Gaza Strip. It is seen in the video that there is a huge gathering of tanks and soldiers on the Gaza border in southern Israel. This video is of one minute and two seconds. There are some sounds in the video which are of an explosion. Israeli flags are waving in the tanks seen in the video and soldiers are walking around them. Let us tell you that the Israeli army had instructed about 10 lakh people living in Gaza City to leave from there last Friday, which created a stir in the whole world. After this order, the fear of ground action by Israel in the area has intensified. According to the news, after Israel’s order, people evacuated the northern part and started running towards the south. However, the United Nations has said that it is not easy to evacuate the entire area.

Meanwhile, let us tell you that America has made some assessments regarding the hospital blast, which has revealed that Israel is not responsible for the attack on the hospital in Gaza last Tuesday. This assessment has been done on the basis of intelligence information, missile activity, satellite images, communication material and ‘open source information’. This information has been given by the White House.

Israel can reduce the suffering of the people of Gaza

Here, US President Joe Biden said after his visit to Israel that Israel has been suffering greatly but it needs to find opportunities to relieve the suffering of those people in Gaza. Biden spoke to the media while returning from Israel and said that Israel has been suffering greatly. But the truth is that if he gets an opportunity to relieve the suffering of those people, then he should definitely help them. If Israel does not do so, it may be held accountable, which may be unfair.

Israel Hamas War photo

Egypt agrees to open Gaza border

US President Joe Biden said that the Egyptian President has agreed to open its border into Gaza to allow 20 trucks to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip. Biden said he spoke with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi after his visit to Israel, where the country’s leaders agreed to allow humanitarian aid. Let us tell you that after the Hamas attack on October 7, Israel sealed the Gaza Strip and stopped the supply of food, water, medicine and fuel to the 23 lakh people here.

America vetoed the UN resolution

The US vetoed a UN resolution that called for Israel to condemn Hamas attacks, violence against civilians, and direct humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza.