How does the traffic police work, where did it start?

New Delhi : It is the responsibility of the police to maintain law and order in the states of India. Apart from this, the police also handle the traffic system in cities. Therefore it is also called traffic police or traffic police. The job of controlling traffic is not easy. Civil police do not do this work. Traffic policemen are given training to handle the traffic system of the city. Come, let us know how the traffic police is reduced in the cities of our country and how did it start?

What is traffic police?

You must have often seen police personnel wearing white uniform, blue trousers and blue cap standing on the main roads and intersections of your city or area. These are called traffic police. Be it winter, summer or rain, these traffic police personnel are seen doing their work in every season.

What is the job of traffic police?

In reality, the main job of the traffic police is to control the city traffic and prevent road accidents. To control the traffic, signs are also installed on the roads by the traffic police. Apart from controlling traffic and road accidents, traffic police personnel also enforce traffic rules.

Traffic police have the power to fine

If a driver does not follow traffic rules, a two-wheeler driver does not wear a helmet, or does not have a driving license or vehicle documents, the traffic police also has the power to impose fines. This is the reason why the traffic police keeps a close watch on the vehicles plying on the roads. Now CCTV cameras are also being installed or installed on main roads and intersections to identify drivers violating traffic rules. Along with this, a campaign is also run by the traffic police to verify the documents of vehicles and driving licenses. Not only this, a campaign is also run by it to follow traffic rules and spread awareness about it. Apart from this, traffic police also play an important role in arresting criminals.

When was the traffic police established?

According to the history of police, the traffic police started even before the civil police. It is believed that the traffic police has been working in some form or the other for almost three centuries. According to media reports, when traffic on the roads started increasing during the 18th century, traffic police was established to ensure smooth operation of these vehicles. Along with this, some rules and regulations were also made to maintain the traffic system of the city.

Where did the traffic police first start working?

It has been said in media reports that in 1722 AD, the then Mayor of London had appointed three people to manage the traffic system. Those three persons were instructed by the Lord Mayor that the traffic in the city should be allowed to move from the left side and the vehicles running on the road should not stop at London Bridge. In later years, only three people appointed by the Lord Mayor to manage the traffic system in London were considered as traffic police and 1722 AD was called the year of establishment of the traffic police.