How To: How to maintain correct posture while driving, know step by step guide

New Delhi : To make the journey comfortable, a man buys a two-wheeler or a car and also drives it himself. The most important thing for driving is to maintain posture. It is very important for the drivers to know that when they are driving a car, what should be their sitting posture, so that they do not face any problem during or after driving and your vehicle can also run properly on the road. By adopting the correct sitting posture, not only will your car run smoothly on the road, you will also remain safe and healthy.

It is said that maintaining proper posture while driving is important to ensure the comfort, safety and long-term health of your back and neck. Correct driving posture not only prevents discomfort and fatigue, but also reduces the risk of potential injuries. Some important things are being told to you to maintain correct posture while driving, after adopting which you will find it easier to drive. Let us know some important things step by step.

adjust seat

While driving, it is very important to ensure that your back is completely supported by the seat. If you are having difficulty sitting on your seat, you can adjust your seat. Sit straight with your back close to the seat and ensure that there is a slight natural curve in your lower back.

the steering wheel is in front of you

Adjust the steering wheel to a position where your hands can comfortably work on it without spreading or bending your shoulders. Your elbows should be slightly bent. Keep your shoulders loose and avoid tightening them while driving. Adjust the seat and steering wheel to a position that allows your shoulders to work comfortably.

check seat height

While driving, ensure that your seat is at such a height from where you have a clear view of the road and your legs can comfortably reach the pedals without any strain.

align headrest

Position the headrest so that its top is at the same level as the top of your head. It will provide vital support to your neck and head in case of a sudden stop or collision.

always be alert

To maintain good posture, one must constantly keep oneself alert. Be conscious of your body position. Make necessary adjustments to avoid bending or strain. By following these steps you can ensure that you maintain correct posture while driving.